Experience/Griplevel - Showtime Fuzion Grip 1.2 Dark Edition
has anyone ever had these darts in their hands or can even say something to compare the "norrmal" version?

I'm really excited about the soft version. The grip is phenomenal.

Someone wrote that the grip of the Dark Edition is not that strong compared to the "normal" one.
Can anybody confirm this?

Normal Version Grip: 10/10
Dark Edition Grip: x/10

What is "x" Smile
Not really one for grip levels but the black is slightly less than the natural - if 10 for the natural I'd go high 8 or low 9 for the black - as I say it's slightly less grip.

If you want to see them side by side to judge for yourself then here's the LE, black and natural all together

[Image: zkGybUr.jpg]
Thx for the answer.
Now i have 5 posts and can see the quotes. Smile

Ok, if its only slightly less grip, then i will buy them.
how i wrote. The grip of the naturals is phenomenal. Quite phenomenal is also ok. Smile

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