Should I go for 19 instead of 20?
(05-09-2019, 04:39 PM)wzywg Wrote: I have trouble aiming at the same thing over and over again. I get kinda burned out. I play a lot of cricket, so I'm comfortable moving around the board. I like to throw six darts at the 20, and six darts at the 19. Maybe even some cheeky bulls or 18's. Keeps the board fresh and helps me find my range. I noticed MVG will go triple 20,19,18 every now and then, even if he hits the 20 perfect. I assume he does this to help him find his range and avoid 20 fatigue as well. As a warm up game, I like to play gentleman's cricket and 501 at the same time. If you throw perfect cricket darts, you can finish gentleman's cricket and checkout 501 in 10 darts. Gotta find them trebles any way you can Smile

I would suggest MvG shoots alternate trebles because he's a good counter and 'manages' the board to get the setup he wants.

Welcome to the forum BTW...
I switched to 19's last year, mainly because of my rotator cuff problems..seems to not hurt as much with the lower numbers.

133's and 171's still feel great to hit Wink
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Throw 100 darts at triple 20 a few times and record the results, then throw 100 darts at triple 19 and record the results Whichever is scoring more, go with!
(05-10-2019, 12:34 AM)Sultan Pepper Wrote: Throw 100 darts at triple 20 a few times and record the results, then throw 100 darts at triple 19 and record the results Whichever is scoring more, go with!

I did similar to this when practicing getting in on 301 games.   My usual go-to number is D-16 and I found I get in about 70% of the time with about a 50-55 point average.     Then I tried on the D-20 and found I got in about 40% of the time but averaged a bit higher in points.

However, I chose to stick with the D-16 for the simple reason I was hitting it more consistently and anyone who plays 301 knows you can't start getting down to an out until you get in and the longer it takes, the more pressure to get in.
There is a guy in his 80's that plays out several times a week and I always enjoy seeing him at the LOD's. He suffers from dartitus and struggles to release the dart sometimes. He almost always targets the T16 and occasionally the T14. And he beats the hell out of a lot of people. I love that guy so much. I cherish the times we have gotten teamed together and have won. I really feel bad when I have beaten him, but don't cut him any slack or he will take you down.

If you are playing players of pro caliber, you probably should shoot for the 20. If not, one dart in the T16 will always beat a 26.

I don't play league, just the LOD's (SIDO 501 and cricket), so I don't play DIDO 301 much. But when I do, D13 is my favorite in. Go figure. I just find the doubles on the side way easier to hit. I much prefer to set up for D16 than D20 for my out, but I always go for the quickest way out provided it leaves another out if I half it.
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(05-08-2019, 08:57 PM)GONKO Wrote: I find the 20 woes are born from going at the 60 right away. So the 60 becomes the highest point of your throw for the most part of the session.
I tend to warm up on d20, this normally sorts out my range on the t20 when it comes to scoring.

Could not have said it better! A great routine for practice.
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