I have Tony Payne Signature Hammerhead darts from 1980s
I recently unearthed 2 sets of Tony Payne Signature Hammerhead darts from the Bottlesen Dart Company that I bought while in college (1984-1988). Not sure what year I bought them though. 

One set was used and the other set was never taken out of the case. See attached photo. (I hope you can see the pic, I just joined the forum to ask this question)

I really haven't played darts since then so they have been in my closet all this time.

So I am wondering if these are desirable darts and what kind of value would they pull?

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Don’t know the value because I’ve never seen another set for sale,  but what a great set to own
Hello and welcome aboard! Smile

Not really sure of the value of those but I think it could be of more value to a fan but the Bottlesens were and are still pricey so I would imagine for a vintage set if its hard to get hold of you should probably ask for £50 at least.
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They look pretty cool. I'm sure you can unload those on Craigslist.
PM sent
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Welcome to Darts Nutz. Nice looking Dart set. Enjoy the site.
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I thought it was something like that.
I will have to post a couple more times then

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