Winning Design - Mark Hamilton (HAMO)
April 1st, 2016 Voks Darts drew a Winner for our Annual "Design your own Dart" contest design winner!

Mark Hamilton (HAMO)
was chosen and his design of his dart was manufactured. 
He received 5 FREE sets of his winning design and we debuted it in our Voks Darts Fixed Point line up for 2016 & 2017 
As promised for the HAMO, Voks would proudly donate 10% of the dart sales of 2016 & 2017 of this dart to the charity of the HAMO's choice.

Mark chose to donate to his local Manor Court Care Home !!! 

They are still receiving donations as they have set a Funding Goal that we all would love to see met! To Help to donate to this charity here is the Facebook page that is Currently OPEN!!!

  [Image: heart.gif] [Image: heart.gif]

We are proud to announce that HAMO has now donated a $205.00 amount to help with this Charity! 

We would like to Thank you, Mark, for giving us the Pleasure to work with you and help to support something you hold dear in your heart!!

Best of luck on your Funding Goal!!  [Image: bighug.gif]

Voks still has some sets available, after sold out the "HAMO" will be honorably retired from the Voks line!

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Nice one - another worthy cause benefitting from the Design A Dart contest
Congrats to Hamo, and Kudos to Voks.
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Thanks guys, An amazing gesture from you and brings us very very close to our £2000 total Smile Smile

*Now to start work on the Hamo mk 2 Lol
[Image: Screenshot_2016-05-18-13-32-16_1_zpsr8vibhtm.jpg]
ConGrats Hamo. Well done. Thanks to Volks for the contest.
[Image: ARJSu2G.jpg]
DAYTONA FIRE JP-01JP-02, DF-10, DF-11 & DF-01
Well done all around, great cause benefiting from the dart community. :thumbup:
Thats awesome well done! Smile
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