Any Pros playing non-player darts?
Any pros throw target daytonas.?? Lol

Lol even better. Pure curiosity !

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if any of your favourite players had other barrels which they jus throw around for fun ?

Yes , stick in the mud answer will be, they are professionals, why would they waste time playing with any other darts than they’ll be using in upcoming prize money tournaments .

Here go — Surely pros are just human beings and Are Tempted by all the newest and snazzyest shiniest designs coming onto the market, they must indulge, one would think - as if they’re sponsor doesn’t clue them in on hot off the press or concept barrels.

Say other wise- I’m sure your right . To them it’s they’re profession.......I use certain tools for my profession. Which I only use , I’m familiar with them, I know they are reliable and get the job done.

I speak candidly , and starry eyed, wondering if any of my favourites like to toss around a few random sets ......

Again it’s they’re job, and when throwing darts they are practicing for upcoming games.....and any distractions could hinder they’re production.
Matthew Edgar plays with the old Argos Winmau Navigators, doesn't he?
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]

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