Who has used our "Tornado Point"?......
Hey you Nutz!!!

Question for you All....

MANY MANY of your have ordered a set or sets of our Voks' "Tornado Points."


  • Who here has them, or has tried them.

  • What type of dart did you put them in? (Voks or other manufacturer)

  • What style of Tornado point did you get?

  • What was your overall opinion on them?

Any and ALL Feedback is always welcome!!  Blush  Thank you!!!

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I was using Short Grooved points in Voks Hamo's and Gary anderson phase 1's.

I liked the points but found the grooved set wore the board very quickly, but thats the same with similar style points. They were also too short for me but these issues are just my personal prefrences..I was using before the alternatives came out and since then I have been toying with the idea of getting the longer smooth ones to try
[Image: Screenshot_2016-05-18-13-32-16_1_zpsr8vibhtm.jpg]
I use the grooved short ones in Shot Tribal Weapon, McCoy Stealth and in a Datadart-Set. Only issue that I have is, that I need the grip a little bit more towards the barrel, like the grooved storms.
For me nice points and they colourmatch best with the silica-coating of the tribal weapons.
I am using the long smooth tornado's in Tony 'O 26 gram easygrip darts. I repointed them three weeks ago and am still content with them.
[Image: sqIEcO4.jpg]
Never used them.
I used Reflex points over the last fortnight, and returning to just a normal sized point, feels like I am killing the board,
If I were to try an even thicker point --- I think my board would grow an arm and start throwing darts back at me after using skinny reflex points.

Probably not the feedback you were after. sorry.
Ryk is currently using:-
 鈴木 未来  Jadeite 24g
::  L-Shaft Locked Slim 300 Emerald :: Metal Champagne Ring Aqua :: - L-Flight Dimple Solid Emerald  :: Winmau Blade 6 ::
Im using the short smooth points in 4 sets at the moment. 2 Unicorns and 2 custom darts. Tried them in a Target set, but the barrel was not drilled deep enough.
Best points on the market IMO, if they fit to the dart Cool
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
Used them, liked them - no issues.

Short grooved in Voks Octogrip and Unicorn Purist Phase 3, both fit like a glove.
[Image: Adyds3t.jpg]
They aren't in my match darts, but I've got them in a couple of sets that I throw every now and then and prefer them to the Target Storm points
I have a set of smooth in my Bomber fixed points. They came standard with the darts. I have no issues with them.
To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what makes a point good or bad. I don't touch the point when i throw so its really about if it stays in the board for me and they all seem to do that equally as well. Of course i have only been playing for about 2 years.
I've used the short smooth points on several Monster Dart sets; they fit perfectly.

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