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Sounds like the BDO needs to be allowed to burn to the ground, and hopefully, like a Phoenix, rise from the ashes and become the amateur league sponsor, and run regional touraments, with a AAA league to get players into the PDC.
The BDO needs to embrace the suck, and be what they need to be, not what they were or could have become, were it not due to
gross mismanagement.
(08-16-2018, 08:51 PM)Mack Wrote: Just checked, till 2022, didn't think it was that long, there just want out then.

not forgetting that Unicorn are one of the biggest shareholders in the PDC (2nd from memory) and Ed Lowy is also on the board of the PDC
Even though it's been pretty much known that Channel 4 hadn't renewed the contract to show Lakeside in January it's actually been confirmed in writing now that they won't be showing the event. So that makes BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky out the window - and BT I believe have also said they won't be bidding for it either. Not a lot left - hopefully it screened somewhere that I can actually watch it on as I enjoy my post New Year week off watching the darts, but it's not looking good so far. It's still not even confirmed if it will be at Lakeside or elsewhere yet either!!

The World Masters starts next week as well and there's no sign of that being televised or streamed yet either - and I think Des has now gone over to Hungary to watch the Europe Cup for the rest of the week as well!!

I know he was one of the directors when he took over, but I wonder if he realised the full extent of how bad a state the BDO was in when he took over. And I bet Roger Schena is pleased he lost the vote now as well.
Apart from streaming, that probably just leaves channels 5 and DAVE
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My guess is streamed only. I can't see Dave doing it again as I don't think they have any sports now, and C5 don't show a lot of sport either, at least not on the main C5 channel - I think it's just motorsport and rugby highlights on there.
(09-25-2018, 03:44 PM)mc1958 Wrote: It's still not even confirmed if it will be at Lakeside or elsewhere yet either!!

Very true, and also how much prize money will there be, it was OK for Potter to put up money for an event that got National TV coverage, not sure he would be keen otherwise.
Mack The Knife
The BDO have announced a new broadcasting deal with Eurosport which will run for three years
There will also be free to air coverage of the events; with Quest showing parts of the tournament live and highlights otherwise.

2019 Major dates to be televised by Eurosport / Quest TV:
05/01-13/01 – World Professional Championships
30/08-01/09 – World Darts Trophy
25/10-27/10 – Winmau World Masters
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Just seen that - great news as I can get those channels with VirginMedia, so have just put in for the Lakeside week off as holiday so I can watch it (I'm assuming it will be at Lakeside again in January)
Wonder if this means that Winmau have rescinded (or will rescind) their notice to no longer sponsor the BDO?

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