BDO EGM called
(02-21-2018, 05:31 PM)Shed inn Wrote:
(02-21-2018, 05:14 PM)Little al Wrote: Are the Jacklins mentioned in a post the same family as the lady player that wanted more money but didn't progress past the 1st round? being involved with other organizations other than darts I 've seen the same thing happen a lot of members don't want to take any part in the running relying on others but more often than not moaning about the organization the "officials"  then get delusions of power &  want to do as they think it should be run rather than being run for the best

Ayup LA

The Jacklins are known in the BDO, as the Lincolnshire Mafia!

 So does this mean that that the "officals" running the BDO is being transferred from one wing of the "Mafia" to another? if this is so will there be any change ? if not I guess it will have a membership uprising or will slowly fade away shame if it dies the death
It depends what you read and who you want to believe.

The Jacklins come across as very dominating people on Social Media, and anyone who dares to question them or go against what they believe is deemed a hater or is jealous of them.

However, the Williams' reign at the top of the BDO has been nothing short of disastrous and if the rumours are true that Des Jacklin is being backed by the guy who has taken over the Preston Guildhall (Simon Rigby?) then this could well be a positive move.

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Des and Tommy Thompson (EDO chairman) aren't the best of friends and don't always see eye to eye - but they had a meeting yesterday and it sounds like they had a good discussion and both want to work for the good of the game. Whether that means ousting the Williams or not I don't know, but if those two can bury the hatchet then hopefully it will be good for the BDO side of the game.
This is going to be a disaster for the BDO if they take over, I wish them all the best.
Mack The Knife
Any news on how the meeting went?
It was called for 1st April, but due to some legal thing I believe it will now take place the same date as the next delegate meeting on 29th April
Oh yes of course, I totally forgot, lol. It has been one of those weeks.
It seems the Williams have resigned and will hand over the reins to Des (if he gets voted in) in August at the AGM

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If a new board or changes to it may if anything improve the communication between both the pdc and the bdo and that can only be a good thing
(04-05-2018, 12:30 PM)Papa w Wrote: If a new board or changes to it may if anything improve the communication between both the pdc and the bdo and that can only be a good thing

Can’t see it happening as the pdc distances itself from the bdo every time it’s asked a question....sadly as others have said it’s a case of the bdo being more amateur and the pdc being professional and elite. I like both organisations however the bdo seems to be badly run at the upper levels of management.
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