BDO World Darts Trophy 2018
(06-03-2018, 02:40 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Curling's not big over here - all I think about is Quadrophenia and scooters lol

That and the RAF roundels. Smile
Great match to finish the afternoon off - shame there had to be a loser, but well done to Duzza for holding on
(06-03-2018, 03:37 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Great match to finish the afternoon off - shame there had to be a loser, but well done to Duzza for holding on

Entertaining match indeed. mint
Scores from this afternoon and order of play for tonight

[Image: L3Wq96Y.jpg]
Been enjoying the tournament so far, the standard has been good. Particularly enjoyed watching Unterbuchners match, I think he will make the final and play Duzza.
Been enjoying it as well and also reckon that the mens final will be Duzza vs Unterbuchner, although all 4 semi finalists have been playing good darts all tournament. Should be a good final session in a couple of hours time though whatever happens.

As an aside I just noticed that they haven't given the averages for the Machin/Unterbuchner match in the screenshot in my previous post - they were

Michael Unterbuchner - 96.63
Peter Machin - 91.86
I've watched all 4 days it's been great darts, it's such a shame that they booked this the same weekend as the World Cup, also a shame that maybe 150 people have shown up to watch
I don't think this weekend being chosen was anything to do with the PDC World Cup, as near enough whatever weekend would clash with a PDC event on the TV or stream nowadays.

The Williams are leaving their positions in August and it looks like they will be replaced by Des Jacklin who runs Lincolnshire County Darts. By a strange coincidence today is the Lincolnshire Darts Open run by Des and his team. I reckon the Williams picked this weekend knowing that their successor would most likely not be there for the final day and instead be back home running his County's Open, so they will no doubt try and discredit him with it at the AGM in August.

I do agree it's a shame that hardly anyone is in the audience to see it though - they should have gone round the local darts league teams and given the tickets away.
Don't need to try to hard to discredit Des.

But what an average from Fallon, that was some performance. Great to see her back to her best after her health problems.
Mack The Knife
thought it was a bit odd Durrant being on first semi final tonight as he was the last quarter final this afternoon - looks like they've changed it round to how it should be

[Image: Qv1RA2i.jpg]

The mens semi finals are best of 15 legs with the final best of 19, and the ladies final is best of 11 legs
Well played Unterbuchner, solid throwing all tournament. If he plays like that in the final he has a good chance.
enjoyed that game Unterbuchner is definatley one to watch
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[Image: ZL8JXbT.png]
Two decent semi finals - scores/averages as follows:

Michael Unterbuchner (94.11) 8-6 (88.74) Ross Montgomery
Glen Durrant (98.62) 8-6 (95.79) Jim Williams

Ladies final up now
Wow Sherrock throwing great with another 90 plus avg
Ladies final

Lorraine Winstanley (84.77) 3-6 (94.22) Fallon Sherrock

Another great game - well played and congratulations to Fallon, unlucky to Lorraine

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