BDO World Darts Trophy 2018
I enjoyed it i like watching all kinds of darts so i can see different players, production wasn't the best, no crowd was disappointing, callers mic was a bit loud for the amount of people there, if it wasn't promoted thats bad as there was some good darts
Just watching a replay of Thursday's action and as Crusher said there was some good matches indeed.
wheres' the sound?
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SHAFTS-Target Power shaft gen 1 (intermediate) 
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BOARD-Winmau Diamond (for practice)
BOARD-unicorn eclipse HD trainer board (for a laugh)
SET UP-Wall mounted cabinet
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[Image: ZL8JXbT.png]
Young Borland lad looked really good beating Whitehead.
Scores from Wednesday and last night - not sure why they used 1 dart averages for the McGeeney and Winstanley games and 3 dart averages for the others, but hey ho

[Image: s2aBadX.jpg]

Tonights order of play:

[Image: ev7d8kJ.jpg]
Pretty high standard so far. Didn't catch much of the games but the few bits I saw were quite entertaining.
Is the average on that McGeeney game right?

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Honestly the Bdo gets a tonne of aggro for standard, however not many players in the Pdc outside the top 10 are averaging 100+ a week.

Anderson won the UK open with a 95
Hopp won the German open with a 95
Clayton won the Austrian open with a 96

With the exception of MVG no one is blasting 110 Ave a match
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Flights: std 75mc
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Current ave: 95

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(06-01-2018, 02:12 PM)Kts365 Wrote: Is the average on that McGeeney game right?

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Did you read the part I typed just above the picture - the McGeeney average is for just 1 dart not 3, and they did the same with the Winstanley/Jacklin game.  Not sure why those two games were scored differently but it's also like that on the darts for windows page.
Interesting barrel this Thompson chap is throwing, no clue on what they are. Huh

Screenshot of the Thompson barrels.

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