BDO World Darts Trophy 2018
Missed the first game, but The Darts Channel is showing this live on facebook
Gutted Deta lost there but well played Roz Bulmer - never seen her before but she looks like a decent player. Not sure but don't think she actually plays the full BDO tour either.
Hedman didn't score all that well and the game she tied it up at 3 each took 26? darts or so.
Jesus, compared to the PDC it sounds like they are playing in a library.
It can't be much fun for the players having to try and play insuch little atmosphere - I prefer watching BDO to PDC, but they should have just forgotten this event after the fiasco in the Welsh cinema last year.

Deta and her other half Paul were due to go home tonight anyway whether she won or lost as they have to go to work tomorrow, but I guess they won't be going back up now.
Well played by Hogarth there - not too impressed by some of the camerawork though
Playing some good stuff tonight, but the crowd at the uk open was bigger than this one.
Every leg of 501 is a potential 9 darter.

2019-180’s- 9 and counting......

Snakebite 8 23G
Not even 50 people there i guess, this is sad!
[Image: ulaodpa5218.png]
Board: Winmau Blade 5 DC
Darts : Cosmo Cyclone Mickey Mansell 23.9 g 
(05-30-2018, 08:30 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Well played by Hogarth there - not too impressed by some of the camerawork though

Yeah, it's leaving a lot to be desired.    The cameraman seems to have no idea where the next dart it going, especially on out shots.

He should just pan out and let us see the entire board and let the viewer decide where the next shot is going to go because he seems to not have a clue.
The lot doing this coverage have been used numerous times over the years and they always make load and loads of mistakes with the coverage - the BDO and EDO really should sack them off and get in someone who actually knows what they are doing, even if it costs them a bit more money.

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