Darts disappoinment USA
(02-14-2018, 03:40 PM)Little al Wrote:
(02-13-2018, 11:22 PM)gumbo2176 Wrote: One bar I frequent to play against league players finds us playing the following series.    Best of three 301 DI/DO followed by best of 3 Cricket and it a decider is needed 1 game of 501.   I've tried to get them to go with best of 3 x 501 but most think it's too long a game.    My reply is to play more and get better at it.

I cannot see why a game taking between 16/20 darts to win takes to long it"s only 6/7 chucks doubled up around 40 darts around 7/10 minutes a game certainly quicker than a round of golf

Well, first of all, you've giving some of these players WAY more credit for their quality of darts.   Many of the players are likely about halfway through a 501 game after 15 darts----or they suck so bad at figuring their out shots they wind up with stupid scores near the end and then start chasing doubles to get out.

I can't tell you how many games I've coached an opponent on how to get to zero in an 01 game.   If they have 82 left for example, I'll rattle off 3 different ways to get it out and leave the choice up to them.   Most of the time I'll get a "Huh, will you repeat that for me?"     Of course this is only when playing pick-up games and never in league play.
(02-14-2018, 04:03 PM)atison Wrote: I think it boils down to cricket is a better casual game that anyone can jump in and have a good time playing.  01 is more of a players game and there are not a lot of players in the states.

I think this is the heart of it. 

Remember, we have to account for the fact that traditionally the x01 game is NOT part of the American darts culture (at least from what I've seen).  Given this, I can see why cricket would be a more casual game to play over x01 for an average bar goer who wants to fling some darts.

In the UK x01 is pretty much the universal game. When I was a kid and when we wanted to spend an afternoon throwing cheap darts at a paper board we'd play 501.  A casual throw in the pub would also be 501.  Yes you were eternally slow and sucked at maths but that was part of the game.
Darts is darts in all it's forms
different strokes for different folks is the order of the day
wheather it be steel tip or soft tip 01 0r cricket
or any of the other games like shanhai,loops,leave it etc
as long as we enjoy it does it really matter
because it seems our preferences are cultural
and thats hard to change
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I play both and enjoy both

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Leagues and tournaments I've experienced in the states (90's, 2,000's) have mostly been a combination of cricket, 301, 501.  A pretty good mix I think.  

My current league has 4 players each team.  We play 6 games of 301 (straight out), 6 games of cricket, 1 game of 501 straight out with all 8 players playing 2 people on a score.  league is a handicapped so the board tries to level out the players by providing marks in cricket or in x01 having better players start at a higher number.  I've been starting at 301 mostly which is why I'm here..  I need help! LOL
Cricket gets old real quick I try to play as much 501 as I can. I am an American living in Monterey California and we have steel tip here but in general pub darts sucks in the States.
(02-13-2018, 03:28 PM)Berlin180 Wrote: My guess is that most Americans prefer not to do math. This is the country that decided that in addition to the calculator on your phone, you need a tip calculator as well - just try to tell me that's not stupid. 

The last time I was in a bar and tried to teach 501 to strangers who were playing cricket, you could just see their lack of enthusiasm towards the game and their lack of aptitude towards the math. If you're any younger than 50 here, calculators have probably been doing most of your math for a very long time.

yes sad but to a large part true pertaining to the young in particular, my grandkids use calculators in school and cannot do the simple math in their heads to calculate scores in _01 games, however when grandpa is visiting they have no choice. I ask them what are you going to do when your calculator batteries die, they say recharge em, pathetic really. Sad
I have been reading many of the posts and comments on various topics and have enjoyed them all. This is my first post and I prefer Cricket over 501. I like the fact that you can battle back and forth with the points and can mount a come back if you fall behind by gaining "real estate", pointing and then closing. In Cricket I feel that the game puts you in competition more with the other player and not just the game since you can "point" them and then close to battle back. In 501 you obviously cannot add points to the other players score nor prevent them from scoring on you by closing numbers. I also disagree with the argument that in 501 you throw at more numbers when twenty is definitely the dominant number. At least in Cricket you must throw at seven different numbers every time in order to win the game.
(05-13-2019, 06:54 PM)DeezBullsEyes Wrote:  I also disagree with the argument that in 501 you throw at more numbers when twenty is definitely the dominant number.  At least in Cricket you must throw at seven different numbers every time in order to win the game.

I strongly disagree with the first sentence.    In Cricket you are limited to throwing at 6 numbers and the Bull---the SAME 6 numbers again and again.   

In all 01 games, especially 501, all numbers come into play with regularity, and if you aren't throwing at them with accuracy in practice or in real games, it's likely you'll miss when it counts.  

Nothing like needing a S-11 with 27 left to leave D-8 for the game and come up short and hit a S-8 or go high and hit a S-14 to leave you still on a 2 dart finish.  Oh, and lets not forget about needing that all-important double to win-----and it could be any double on the board from 1-20 plus the Bull.
I can see a large can of worms being re opened here! so here’s my coal going onto the fire. Cricket is played by those with limited mental arithmetical skills that need a larger target area and shorter less challenging matches.
01 demands a far higher degree of overall accuracy and being able to calculate instantly the highest likelihood of arriving at and then hitting the winning double ( that’s the thin stripe around the outer edge of the scoring zone ). Now where is my protective clothing and crash helmet.
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