Target Storm Points black coating quality
Hey there,

at first, pls excuse my english  Angel

yesterday i received four sets of Target Storm Points (black smooth) and im a little bit disappointed about the black coating.
After 30 minutes (!) the points looking like this:


I asked myself if thats normal or not ( same on all sets). I had many black standard points before and never notice such a fast wear of the coating.

Your image does not enlarge. I think it's to big. You can upload in Tinypic and rezise to (15")
Sie verstehen ?
may all the doubles be with you

should work now
(02-09-2018, 10:09 AM)Narbennarr Wrote: should work now

That looks chipped of, and not what you might expect from new points
new out of retail packaging?
may all the doubles be with you

(02-09-2018, 10:09 AM)Narbennarr Wrote: should work now

The black coating I've found to be quite durable... even when trying to scuff them. You've got one of a bad batch there.
Weird, I have 2 sets with black storms and they both look still perfect after more than a year. Perhaps a bad set or just bad luck?
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yes, new points in retail packaging
My Storms in black and gold look still good. You can see that they are used, but not as yours...

Perhaps its worth to contact Target directly Huh
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My Storm "Surge" points fell apart after 2 weeks of use. The coating was the first to go.

Take a look below....

I enjoy the Storm point, but reports of them snapping and the wearing of the point has put me off.

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i have had 2 black storms snap on me but the coating was all good, i have never snapped any other colour but they were both 30mm, i have never tried the short black storms though
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