Problems with Winmau Prism Force stems
I have had similar problems with Pyroplaz duel colour stems shearing off half way or thread end the only translucent stems to give decent service for me has been Showtime Core grip ST
Bought a set to try as I hold the dart right at the back and thought the grip may help. Also found that the flights kept coming out. Then the stem broke on the tread part. The stems were tight when fitting so when it broke the only way to remove it was to use a left handed drill in a drill. I tried them but not again.
The second Gurney set I bought one of them broke without them being used at all.
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]
(02-26-2018, 04:19 PM)Ancient Darter Wrote: Polycarb stems will almost always give problems in comparison to nylons, hybrids or softer plastic.

Cut your own Nylons for much better performance that is downright low-priced! It's easy because it's soft, and because it's so low-cost, it doesn't matter if you have to waste a few for practise!  Smile


Excellent idea, I'll have to give this a whirl. Thanks!
Are there any other stems with a similar grip on them to the prism force stems?
Not had that problem with Prism stems but had the thread breaking on some colour/trans Poly Plast stems
(02-07-2018, 05:03 PM)TheRedBit Wrote: I wonder if anyone else is using the new Prisem Force stems and is having the same problem.

No idea, how long it took until the stems broke. I used them for a few days and when I wanted to try other stems I found out that 2 out of 3 stems are broken and a piece of the thread was left inside the barrels.
Always use a bit of vaseline on your dart shafts so they do not break.
One set of mine broke after 2 weeks. One hard bounce out and landing at a bad angle then landing on to a reasonably hard surface is all it seems to take. Not the only time this had happened so replaced with nylon pro grip. Removed excess shaft in barrel with small drill bit on anti clock-wise rotation to loosen. Drill speed on a very low setting. Did the trick with mine anyway.
(08-12-2019, 01:43 AM)John A. Martin Wrote: Always use a bit of vaseline on your dart shafts so they do not break.

I have never heard of that one before, not too keen to get vaseline on my fingers during a match for fear of the dart slipping.
how much do you use?

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