Big Shoutout to Dartsclearance
is this the link?
(08-17-2018, 07:35 PM)jjm Wrote: is this the link?

As you are in the USA yes it is - if you want the UK ebay shop just click the link at the bottom of the page
Well first time ordering from Darts clearance, ordered 2 sets of darts on Thursday afternoon, and they were here on Friday, well blow me down with a feather, that's fast, also got a couple of sets of flights thrown in as well, that is what i call service. Ordered these
and these
and i must say from the way they look and feel, they are most certainly quality darts, and for such a great price, i will without doubt be ordering from them again.
Loads of us on here have got the first set you linked to - great darts, they also do them in 24g as well now. Not sure but I think I've got the Pentathlon set as well somewhere lol. I think their darts are great quality, and the prices are even better.
Always great service and product! Smile
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