PDPA UK Open Qualifiers 2018
Events 1,2&3 happening this week and the entry list has just been announced. Those that don't make the cut can now enter the Rileys Amateur Qualifiers after Friday.


Wes Newton made the cut

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Gary Anderson has pulled out of todays event, not sure about the other two events on the weekend.
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It wouldn't surprise me if he won't play any of the UK Open Qualifiers.
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From reading elsewhere it sounds like he has pulled out from all this weekends qualifiers.
Draw not up yet, but for anyone who wasn't aware these qualifiers are being streamed on PDCTV - 2 boards same as the normal Pro Tour events and start time today of 2pm UK time, so just over 2 hours from now
Won't post it here but the draw for today is now up - first streamed matches are

Live Stream One
Kelvin Place v Craig Quinn
Diogo Portela v Terry Temple
Martin Schindler v Dimitri van den Bergh

Live Stream Two
Danny Noppert v Brain Raman
Jeffrey De Zwaan v Peter Hudson
Andrew Gilding v Marko Kantele

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Dartconnect must be why they are using electronic scorers and not the usual whiteboards and marker pens
(02-02-2018, 03:31 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Dartconnect must be why they are using electronic scorers and not the usual whiteboards and marker pens

Yeah, Dan Dawson talked about it in the stream. Will offer players the change to get statistics of their matches and all.
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I've got board 2 on with Noppie - got that idiot Murphy on, so the volume is turned down lol, so not sure if he mentioned it as well

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