Soft Tip Training Apps
I've never really practiced or trained other than just playing 01 and cricket games.  My average has leveled out and I'm looking for an edge to keep it trending upward.  I play only soft tip and primarily 501 leagues, but have started getting into cricket a bit more.  Any suggestions for an android based app that will help with training sessions?
Give this a try,
I downloaded an ap called 'MyDartTrainingap' it keeps your stats for:
all 501/301 etc games,
scoring mode (100 darts at whatever)
bobs 27
finishing 50
Catch 40
round the world
halve it
game 420

and a challenge mode where you can play 501 against a virtual player and set their average. I found it really useful for tracking my progress. Also has a multiplayer where you can create different profiles so your partner/mates/playing group can see their stats too.

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