DARTSLIVE The World 2018
Royden Lam takes the semi in straight legs like Boris Krcmar did in his semi.

Royden Lam v Boris Krcmar in the final coming up.
Boris Krcmar wins it in a fifth leg decider. Won the fifth leg rather easily too.
boris was great in the final great win.
[Image: cX25W3O.jpg]

Not sure how much I'll be able to watch, but the Grand Final is happening tomorrow in Hong Kong.

Live stream - https://darts-theworld.com/gf/en/

or youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeGQpJmto0E

Start time is 1pm Hong Kong time which is 5am UK time - sorry, you will need to work out your local start times lol.

Boris Krcmar vs Daisuke Akamatsu/Shuichi Enokuma
Paul Lim vs Pupo Teng Lieh/Shingo Enomata
Royden Lam vs M Tatsunami/Sho Katsumi
Leonard Gates vs Haruki Muramatsu/Mitsumasa Hoshino

First Round and Semi Final matches:
701 - Standard Cricket - Standard Cricket - 701 - Choice
*Best of 5 legs
*Alternative start rule
*Round limit: 701: 15 rounds,  Standard Cricket: 20 rounds
*701 is Open in/Master out

Final match:
701 - 701 - Standard Cricket - Standard Cricket - 701 - Standard Cricket - Choice
*Best of 7 legs
*Alternative start rule
*Round limit: 701: 15 rounds,  Standard Cricket: 20 rounds
*701 is Open in/Master out

Champion - US$ 30,000
Runner Up - US$ 10,000
Best 4 - US$ 5,000
Best 8 - US$ 2,000
Best 12 - US$ 1,000
Total amount = US$ 62,000
It starts now...
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
Just watched an impressive game between Muramatsu and Gates, with the better end for the japanese. Awesome play from both.
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
Just turned it on and caught the result of the second semi final - final coming up is Boris Krcmar vs Royden Lam
Scores from the other games today

Round 1
Daisuke Akamatsu 2-3 Shuichi Enokuma
Pupo Teng Lieh 3-1 Shingo Enomata
M Tatsunami 3-2 Sho Katsumi
Haruki Muramatsu 3-1 Mitsumasa Hoshino

Round 2
Boris Krcmar 3-1 Shuichi Enokuma
Paul Lim 3-1 Pupo Teng Lieh
Royden Lam 3-0 M Tatsunami
Leonard Gates 2-3 Haruki Muramatsu

Semi Finals
Boris Krcmar 3-2 Paul Lim
Royden Lam 3-1 Haruki Muramatsu

Boris Krcmar vs Royden Lam
Royden Lam takes the title winning 4-1 in the final
i've watched some dartslive on you tube 1st time i've seen soft tip
quite enjoyed it but will have to turn the sound off
DARTS-Unicorn Taylor Phase 5 / Target Gen1 26g
SHAFTS-Unicorn Gripper 4 Elements (short)
FLIGHTS-Unicorn Chris Dobey Big Wing 100g Micron
BOARD-Winmau blade 5 dual core
BOARD-Winmau Diamond (for practice)
BOARD-unicorn eclipse HD trainer board (for a laugh)
SET UP-Wall mounted cabinet

[Image: ZL8JXbT.png]
Royden Lam did well to hold himself together. was a great event.
I would like to see Phil Taylor, MVG, Adrian Lewis, Stephen Bunting, and other famous PDC players go kickass in Dartslive.

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