How About a T-Shirt?
that's a great idea, probably move quite a few of them, I know I would buy some, I prefer t-shirts over collared shirts whenever possible. good question.
Y'all doing some good mind melding on this one.

T-shirts are awesome.

When we get down to it maybe some tech shirts would be better.
A lot of marathons and smaller races are now using them rather than plain 50/50 cotton shirts.
They hold up better and doing all the sublimation on them is the same set-up.
Just had another idea...........trying to keep the cost down by not printing on the back of the shirt I get.

But, maybe a simple "" on the back across the top would draw in more revenue with new members?
Brilliant....awaiting admin decision on this, but it’s got my vote!
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Keeping it simple- but elegant .
[Image: 2e2gdae.jpg]
I love this idea!! I'm totally down for buying a t-shirt or two or three!  I just hope they come in really big cornbread fed American fat boy sizes!  LOL!!  Think Andy Fordham with a bald head and a Southern accent!
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Poll now up in the following thread to gauge potential interest - please vote now Smile
Great idea and another reason to keep on my diet. I'll want to be able to impress the girls with some fancy new threads!
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Any progress on this?
(02-02-2018, 08:31 PM)Ted Woodside Wrote: Any progress on this?

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