Darts Etiquette - Good stuff
Think about it - in softtip your score is counted BEFORE YOU PULL!!
I rest my case so lads, if someone has to cheat to win , then he needs it more than the other fella.....
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(11-03-2013, 06:10 PM)paddydub Wrote: I rest my case so lads, if someone has to cheat to win , then he needs it more than the other fella.....

In my experience it's almost never intentional. "Honey, I'm off to drink 6 pints and do arithmetic. Don't wait up!"
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

Wow I can't believe there are so many cheats around I have had the caller shout me a ton when it's been a tight 60 or a 43 and I always say No its 43 or whatever it is. I would only be cheating myself if I let that wrong score count. I have never been a cheat and never would. As for chalking when you lose it is common in comps in UK as Paddydub says. But you still have to chase the losers to get them to do it as they shuffle away and try to sneak out without chalking. I didn't like the etiquette show by Wadey or Whitlock yesterday though, as Wadey went walk about after winning and danced around the stage like a demented clown so Whitlock walked off without shaking his hand so Wadey waved sarcastically at him on camera. All petty and started by the usual rowdy disrespectful drunken wanting their 5 mins of fame on TV crowd who never seem to watch much of the darts and only come alive when the camera is on them or their least favourite player is throwing for a double. It gets my back up so much as it is so wrong and should not be not part of the game as Chris Mason stated is is and have to accept it afterwards.
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yes its sad- I don't want a win that I don't deserve period. I did see Good sportmanship in league the other night everyone thought that the winning bull had been hit but the player walked up said no and was given a big hand by both teams for his honesty. He later won.
(11-03-2013, 06:27 PM)*Saber* Wrote: yes its sad- I don't want a win that I don't deserve period.

In my pub, it's usually good sportsmanship and bad math. But we do have a couple of bad eggs, or did have. One was an Eastern European gangster who has been sentenced to four years in a RICO sting. The other was a brainiac rocket scientist (literally) who recently dropped dead of a heart attack at age 50.
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

(10-29-2013, 05:01 PM)*Saber* Wrote: Dart Etiquette

Darts is considered a “gentlemanly sport”. There are certain things that are expected of players, scorekeepers and spectators.

No Distractions: Much like professional golfers making an important putt, dart players like no distractions while throwing. Good dart etiquette means:

•Do not speak to the player who is shooting. Don’t go “ooh” and “aah” with each dart that is thrown.

•Spectators should try to keep movement and noise to a minimum while a player is shooting.

good thread, was buried a little deep but i thought it would be nice to have it back on top, also, ive noticed from watching youtube videos that sometimes proper etiquette isnt always strictly followed as evidenced by the video posted below. and after noticing the minimum of 5 pitchers of beer placed on each table and the hot chicks walking around in leather mini-skirts, i knew that this was going to be a fun match to watch Big Grin

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(11-03-2013, 01:45 AM)paddydub Wrote: Dont take this the wrong way US members.....
One thing that really bothers me is the marking your score before pulling your darts, anytime i travel south to play, i understand this and have to overcome it, it disrupts my rhythm, especially when you play a predominantly plastic player and he cant count. When they come here and continue to do this, its a kind request first,(please remove your darts then score please) if they fail to take heed, then its, im going to the control desk to request a chalker.......

I do this all the time and agree with you. A few weeks back I was practicing with a new guy that showed up to my local bar (he had been playing a few years/decent shooter). After we finished our matches, he comes over to me to say, "You know it's really rude to leave your darts in the board while your walking up and chalking. There is no need to leave them in the board while marking as if you're rubbing it in my face with your score."

Seems you can't win.

I also see very different opinions about winning and deciding to pull your darts/shake first. I've won multiple games, go to retrieve my darts and when I come back to the oche, the other player has walked off with a "He can stick it where the sun doesn't shine for leaving me hanging at the line after his win without any type of acknowledgment" type attitude. Some people see it as cocky to turn your back on the other other player to retrieve your darts before acknowledging it was a good game/handshake....like pulling your darts is more important than a handshake.

Can't win them all.
And now's there's online darts. Here's a few simple friendly etiquette rules that you should follow.

Win or lose have the decency to say good game or something like that before just logging off.

Enter your score before pulling darts.

Try to keep noise to a minimum. Having a radio blaring isn't the best thing to do.

Take some pride in the image your setup produces. Make sure it looks okay for the opponent to see your darts. I've seen some people with some horrendous setups and they stay that way for months on end with no attempt to improve. If you're going to play a lot of online darts feel free to invest $5 for a light or even trade in that C-Rubbish4000 and get yourself a real webcam. They're not that expensive.

Keep the talking to a minimum during a match. Some people really like to chat it up while playing. I suspect it more of a nervous thing, but it's sort of annoying to hear "C'mon Danny" after every turn that doesn't include 2 trebles.

And here's a BIG one I used to see a lot. If you WIN a match and your average isn't where you think it should be DON'T go into the lobby and type about how you just shot like crap or the 4 million doubles you just missed. Think about how that might make the person you just beat feel.

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