Single dart Halve-it
Here's a tricky little variation on Halve-it (or Double Down as some folks call it).  It works the same as regular Halve-it with one exception.  You only have ONE DART at each number from 1-20 plus bull, with both the single or double bull being counted as a hit.

You can try to play safe and just go for the big single, but then your maximum score would be 235.  To really get a high score, you'll have to aim for the triple beds.  Of course, that means there's a much higher likelihood of missing and cutting your score in half. 

Perfect score would be 680.  Good luck getting anywhere near it!
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Best 501 game: 11 darts  (5 times)
Best 1001 game: 27 darts
High finish: 170
2019 180s: 149/200  2020 180s: 127/200
Lifetime 3 x Bull: 41

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