My Gran Board 2 Review
I purchased my Gran Board 2 from A-Z Darts for $235 w/free shipping on a Friday and received it the following Wednesday in good shape.  Pleasant order experience.  Thank you A-Z.

I played two nights on the board now, and thought I might share my experience for others who are considering purchasing a Gran Board.

Hanging the board took a few tries.  I was looking to mount it on a wall in my garage, into a typical sheet rock wall.  My first two attempts were with the three screws that were provided with the board, and they did not stay seated in the wall to my satisfaction so I found three longer fatter screws and those are working perfectly.  The board sits firm and straight on the wall.  The slots on the back of the board are big enough to accommodate much larger screws than are provided with the board.

The app was an easy download, and setting up my Gran ID (paulb10203) and my profile were simple tasks.  I am connecting to the board with an NVIDIA Sheild K1 tablet and the bluetooth has not dropped on me a single time in over 10 hours of board time.  The gaming experience is the same as I've experienced on the Dartslive boards.  I really like the Medley options as they provide a nice competition platform.  Medley can only be play between two players, but I've played individual games with up to three people with good results.

I purchased Lippoint dart tips as I'd read those seem to be the best.  I got both long and short versions.  Both interact with the board well.  I don't experience any more bounce outs than I do on the Dartslive or Spectrum boards in the bars.  My buddy has a problem sticking his darts, but after watching him throw, he has more of a flick than a throw, and I expect until he gets it through his thick skull that follow through is an important aspect of the game, he'll continue to experience a 60%+ bounce rate.

I don't see too many people commenting on the size of the graphics, but have come to the conclusion that a phone would be way too small to see the scoring from the line (if the phone was up by the board), and even a tablet is a little small for my liking.  I tried using Chromecast to cast to a 32 inch television, but there was a noticeable delay, so I scrapped that idea.  I've ordered a mini-HDMI to HMDI cable and am hoping this will do the trick.  I want to keep the tablet (control panel), and the television (scoreboard) near the board.

I did have a glitch with the app on night two where at some point during a medley each time one of us threw a dart it would automatically switch the the next player.  I restarted the app and then I had a delay between dart hitting the board and the registering of the dart (similar to the Chromecast delay).  I restarted the tablet and that seem to correct the issue.  Anyone else experience anything like this?

I haven't played online yet, and probably won't until Gran Board sends out the update fixing the 'who's first' issue, but my overall experience with the board so far has far exceeded my expectations.  I've submitted a request through the app to Gran Board to include the game of Shanghai, but other than that, and the one app glitch (which I hope was an aberration), I am loving this board, and I know it will prove a much cheaper alternative to feeding the bar boards for practice!

Great board.  Hope to see some of you online for some friendly competition or tournament action soon!
Thanks for the review Paul have a +1 for your time, its good to hear peoples thoughts Smile

I have moved your thread into dartboard reviews Smile
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Nice lil review, thanks for sharing and enjoy the new board. :thumbup:
Thanks for the review Paul
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Reading lots on this site i thing this is the connected board for me. thanks for the review.
Nice review. Thanks for sharing. Im very tempted to buy one. Now even more Big Grin
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Thanks for the review. Making my decision easier. I've been on the fence a few months.
Can the output be run to a computer monitor used alone? I've got a few sitting around doing nothing. Seems like a good use for the score board output.
Whats the max weight recommended on the board?

Thanks, RC
(08-14-2018, 06:12 AM)Randall Cox Wrote: Thanks for the review.  Making my decision easier.  I've been on the fence a few months.  
Can the output be run to a computer monitor used alone? I've got a few sitting around doing nothing.  Seems like a good use for the score board output.
Whats the max weight recommended on the board?  

Thanks, RC

Hey randall, yeah there's a trick to use a computer monitor but the best it's to use a 24" tv connected to your tablette or phone then you got an awesome score board in front of you  Shy
and the max is 20/21 gr for a dart on this board, higher it's risky
Very nice setup, donnie good
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
Very nice setup.

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