Target's exclusive interview with Rob Cross
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Good read. Thanks for the link.
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think Robs' in for a good year
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I think this time next year he could be number one. He seems more dedicated and focused than most players right now. And nothing seems to phase him. Seems like a nice guy too so all the best!
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Its really a fairy tale. Not that he just started his carreer, but he seems also to be very likeable. I wish him all the best for the future.
Would love to see him really challenge MvG for the next years. Would be a great thing for the whole darts sport if there is another guy who can go with this scoring machine.
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i can see him adding another major to his list of accomplishments this years
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He definitely has a charming personality which can go a long way with today's professional sports players. Thanks for posting the article. Here's to wishing him much success.
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Thanks for the link, enjoyed reading that.
Great read that Smile
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