Poll: Who will be the new World Champion tonight?
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Rob "Voltage" Cross
24 57.14%
Phil "The Power" Taylor
18 42.86%
Total 42 vote(s) 100%
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Who will win tonight?!
Whats your thoughts on tonights winner? Who do you think will become The new World Champion!!?

Lets vote and cooment your thoughts on how you see tonight panning out Smile

I'm thinking another close match but I'm going with Taylor Nipping it at the end
Cross 7-4

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For me an impossible to call match.

Cross playes better in the worlds so far, but I have no idea, who will handle the occasion better. Cross in his first final and than against the greatest ever in his last ever match. Taylor in his last match. No idea, who can hold it together better.
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I think Taylor will win. His experience in finals matches will prevail. Been there done that, for the 17th Championship of a long and  successful career. Smile
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The person who gets the last double
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Cross will win.
Back playing and having fun!

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Absolute gift for headline writers, power v voltage! Personally I don’t think rob Cross will short circuit the power but who knows!! Let’s hope for sudden death again!
Taylor. I can't even imaging what will be going through cross' head when he's up there tonight.
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I would love Cross to win.
Hopefully cross, but i wouldn’t bet on it either way.
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(01-01-2018, 06:34 PM)Crusher17 Wrote: The person who gets the last double
Well said! Smile

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Ayup comrades

Head says Taylor heart says Cross, just hoping for a darting classic.
No Taylor walkover.

(01-01-2018, 07:52 PM)Shed inn Wrote: Ayup comrades

Head says Taylor heart says Cross, just hoping for a darting classic.
No Taylor walkover.


Me too ...
Cross 7-3 ... 8/1
Cross 7-4 ... 8/1

That's my bets for tonight ...

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