Lakeside World Championships 2018
Order of play now out for the first round games - afternoons on Channel 4 and evenings on BT Sports

Saturday 6th
Mark McGeeney (28.73) 3-2 (27.36) Martin Adams
Willem Mandigers (29.86) 3-0 (27.79) Nick Kenny
Lisa Ashton (25.92) 2-0 (22.37) Rhian Griffiths
Pengiran Mohamed (23.45) 0-3 (28.24) Gary Robson (P)

Justin Thompson (27.19) 3-2 (26.71) Chris Gilliland (P)
Deta Hedman (22.32) 2-0 (20.90) Rachna David
Joe Chaney (25.36) 0-3 (31.63) Danny Noppert (P)
Scott Mitchell (32.90) 3-2 (33.03) Darius Labanauskas

Sunday 7th
Glen Durrant (95.29) 3-0 (86.31) Gary Robson
Umit Uygunsozlu (76.19) 2-3 (75.22) Chris Harris (P)
Corrine Hammond (71.69) 1-2 (70.68) Fallon Sherrock
Ross Montgomery (90.72) 1-3 (88.89) Scott Waites

Dennis Nilsson (92.56) 3-0 (77.42) Jeffrey Sparidaans (P)
Sharon Prins (71.48) 2-0 (70.86) Maria O'Brien
Chris Landman (84.67) 0-3 (87.16) Derk Telnekes (P)
Wesley Harms (90.56) 1-3 (95.07) Wayne Warren

Monday 8th
David Cameron (77.30) 2-3 (84.77) Michael Unterbuchner
Craig Caldwell (80.38) 0-3 (86.24) Daniel Day
Richie Edwards (71.51) 0-3 (88.92) Danny Noppert

Andy Baetens (86.73) 3-2 (85.75) Scott Baker
Trina Gulliver MBE (80.62) 2-1 (72.00) Vicky Pruim
Dean Reynolds (81.50) 3-1 (76.62) Chris Harris
Darryl Fitton (85.51) 3-2 (81.09) Justin Thompson

Tuesday 9th
Jim Williams (81.27) 3-2 (82.42) Dennis Nilsson
Richard Veenstra (91.88) 3-2 (87.99) Kyle McKinstry
Aileen de Graaf (72.73) 2-0 (62.23) Paula Jacklin
Geert de Vos (87.37) 3-1 (81.73) Derk Telnekes

Martin Phillips (83.23) 3-1 (79.30) Daniel Day
Anastasia Dobromyslova (82.73) 2-0 (75.29) Anca Zijlstra
Cameron Menzies (84.66) 1-3 (91.86) Conan Whitehead
Jamie Hughes (87.14) 2-3 (89.30) Michael Unterbuchner

Wednesday 10th
Andy Baetens (94.55) 4-2 (96.39) Scott Mitchell
Lorraine Winstanley (80.01) 2-0 (74.83) Tricia Wright
Danny Noppert (89.48) 1-4 (92.13) Mark McGeeney


UK - Channel 4 (afternoons) and BT Sports (evenings)
New Zealand -Sky New Zealand
USA - Eleven Sports USA
Rest of the world -

No doubt there will be streams available for any UK viewers who don't subscribe to BT Sports - or you could use a proxy server and watch on youtube
I'll update the above with the rest of the schedule as the event goes along.

Really looking forward to this - I booked the week off this morning so will be getting some beers and munchies in for the duration Big Grin
Looking forward to this, could be a great opening match to start it all off too
County Durham's worst darter - Hitting single 1 for 22 years now

As said, really looking forward to this years Lakeside Worlds and for no real reason other than good old darts. :thumbup:

Enjoy your week off Mike and them munchies of course as well. Big Grin
Will it be live on Youtube again? I think last year the whole tournament was streamed.
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Never know what you are going to get a Lakeside, the quality isn't as high across the field as in PDC, but there are still some quality players. It looks a stronger line up than last year but there always seems to be a stinker somewhere. But its darts on TV so I will watch it when I can.
Mack The Knife
Looks like I forgot the start times for the sessions - they are:

Afternoon sessions:
1pm - Saturday to Monday (Monday may actually be 12.30pm, but as only 3 games I reckon 1pm is correct)
12.30pm - Tuesday to Friday
2.30pm second Saturday

Evening sessions for above days all start at 7pm

The Mens final on the second Sunday starts at 4.45pm
is thurs 11th start of round 2 in that case?
(12-13-2017, 05:15 PM)ninjaskills Wrote: is thurs 11th start of round 2 in that case?

Wednesday afternoon - there is the final ladies first round game in between two mens second round games
The schedule for Wednesday onwards is:

Afternoon 12.30pm:
Mens R2
Ladies 1 LW vs TW
Mens R2

Evening 7pm:
Mens R2 x3

Afternoon 12.30pm:
Youth final
Ladies QF
Mens R2
Ladies QF

Evening 7pm:
Ladies QF
Mens R2
Ladies QF
Mens R2

Afternoon 12.30pm:
Mens QF
Ladies SF
Mens QF

Evening 7pm:
Ladies SF
Mens QF
Mens QF

Afternoon 2.30pm:
Ladies Final
Mens SF

Evening 7pm:
Mens SF

Mens Final 4.45pm
will be there on tuesday and wednesday evenings as per usual. Me and the lads will be playing our annual world pairs (tuesday) and world championships (wednesday) in the afternoons
Would like to see Robson do well but he has a really hard 1st round should he get through his pre-lim match.
From the BDO website.

James Hurrell withdraws from Lakeside
[Image: James%20Hurrell-4.jpg]
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regretfully announce that England's James Hurrell has withdrawn from the 2018 Lakeside World Championships due to ill health. Having entered the draw as the 15th seed and presently BDO ranked number 9, it is with great disappointment that 'Hillbilly' will be unable to make his third Lakeside appearance in 2018. On behalf of everyone at the British Darts Organisation, we wish James a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back on the dartboard again soon. In accordance with the 2018 World Championship qualification criteria, the next listed player in the main BDO Invitation Table (25th September 2017) who has not already qualified, Wales' Richie Edwards will now be invited to play. The BDO board of directors would like to clarify that Edwards will directly replace Hurrell in the main bracket and that no further alteration will be made to the tournament draw or the playing schedule. Richie 'Tricky' Edwards was ranked equal 27th at the cut off point, having reached two BDO ranking semi finals in September. He is now set to make his Lakeside World Championship debut on Monday 8th January.
[Image: RE%20VS%20_.jpg]
Richie Edwards will now meet either Joe Chaney or Danny Noppert in the first round.


Unlucky for the Hillbilly missing out on the Lakeside - get well soon.

Good news for Tricky - this means all the Team Big 5 players who play the full tour are now at the Lakeside - good luck to all of Team Big 5, including Wayne Warren who will be replacing Jim Williams in the team after Lakeside.
I won't post them here but the BDO are doing previews of the first round matches for anyone who wants to read up before the action starts next weekend (the Monday preview was obviously posted prior to this mornings news about James Hurrell per the post above):

Saturday -
Sunday -
Monday -
Tuesday -

There is also the last first round game between Lorraine Winstanley and Tricia Wright on Wednesday - presumably there will be a little write up of that game in due course.
Ayup Mike

Most importantly.
Who's selling the meat raffle tickets & and what times the draw?


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