Best dart for a front gripper?
I've been throwing Black Widows exclusively since 2007. I've bought many...soft and fixed point....18 gm (soft), and 23 gm (fixed)... But I always end up back at my 18 gm soft tips (with inserts when throwing steel).

I've had success (took out 160 in a steel tip in league just last night)...hence the fear to stray from Widows....but now I've decided to see if there is anything "possibly" better for me.

However......I started reading review after review after review and I think I may be more confused then when I started.

So...I was hoping some of you may be able to help me weed it down a little to maybe 3 or 4 sets to look at.

I'm a front gripper looking for something around 20 a soft tip (2BA)....with LOTS of grip!

Any suggestions?
Welcome to the forum Smile.

I just had a set of these Colin Lloyd Maestro arrive. A really nice dart that might fit the bill?
Thank you both for your recommendations! I will look into each of them.
Any other suggestions?
Being a front gripper, I like having front weighted darts. I enjoy throwing the following:
-Power 8zero S2
-Aura A3
-Shot! 9ti2

These have been my favorite. I have thrown the Powers for about a year now. The Harrows Retina and Shot Tribal Warrior are also good, but a bit too grippy for me.
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25g Harrows Aura a3
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23g Ks99dime Madhouse Customs
23g Adrian Lewis Pixel Grip
23g Target Daytona Fire 02
23g Dennis Priestley's
22g Cuesoul Black Scorpions
22g winmau snipers
21g Ks99dime Custom
21g Harrows Wolframs
21g Harrows Atomics
20g Monster Hades 2

Welcome to the nutz! I'm also a front gripper and I throw the harrows aura a3 in 23g. Also check out winmau priestly's, I use them in soft tip. Good luck!
The "Multi Ring" version of Bulls Shark Pros may be a steel tip option. Although the top weight is 19g it doesn't sound like you are averse to a lighter weapon. They are great for front grippers, and as they are a shark grip you get a decent amount of purchase.

All the best.
Unicorn Gripper 2 90%
"Gripper 2 is one of the best pre-loaded series on the market. Excellent grip grip. Available in weight of 20g, 22g and 24g last, the heaviest model has, however, significantly increased dimensions for length and behaves differently than twins, which are short "duck". Stable aileron giving a high tolerance. The soft barrel in this series splits with heavier steel as anyone plays on both discs because the dimensions are close"

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Front gripper too, should try these
bump! any new suggestions? how common or uncommon is it to play with a front grip?
To complicate matters further, I am a front gripper and like long straight barrels. I don't get on as well with the more front-loaded darts.

I don't think there is a "best" dart for any grip style, it's a case of "suck it and see".
I use Peter Manley 20g soft-tip, swapping out the tips for steel-tips when I play on the bristle board. I love them, really easy to get a repetitive grip going.
Datadart icon....plain and simple straight barrel with rings at the front
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(01-12-2018, 11:04 PM)magoolio Wrote: I use Peter Manley 20g soft-tip, swapping out the tips for steel-tips when I play on the bristle board. I love them, really easy to get a repetitive grip going.
They look really nice, thinking about getting the winmau waites...

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can a long barreled dart be used by a front gripper? it seems it wobbles a lot for me Confused
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