PDC 9 Darters
I deleted the other thread as it was getting a bit cumbersome so reposting to split the 9 darters up - this post will be for all Televised 9 darters, and will also include those that were streamed via the official LivePDC stream:

TELEVISED 9 DARTERS (includes streamed via livepdc.tv)

1/8/2002: PHIL TAYLOR vs Chris Mason (World Matchplay, Quarter-Final)
5/6/2004: PHIL TAYLOR vs Matt Chapman (UK Open, Last 32)
12/6/2005: PHIL TAYLOR vs Roland Scholten (UK Open, Semi-Final)
23/3/2006: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Peter Manley (Premier League, Week 5)
17/2/2007: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Raymond van Barneveld (Masters Of Darts, Semi-Final)
8/5/2007: PHIL TAYLOR vs Raymond van Barneveld (International Darts League, Last 16 Group)
9/5/2007: TONY O’SHEA vs Adrian Lewis (International Darts League, Last 16 Group)
9/6/2007: PHIL TAYLOR vs Wes Newton (UK Open, Last 32)
7/6/2008: PHIL TAYLOR vs Jamie Harvey (UK Open, Last 32)
22/9/2008: ADRIAN LEWIS vs James Wade (Championship League Darts, Group 3)
20/11/2008: JAMES WADE vs Gary Anderson (Grand Slam Of Darts, Last 16)
2/1/2009: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Jelle Klaasen (PDC World Championship, Quarter-Final)
15/9/2009: PHIL TAYLOR vs John Part (Championship League Darts, Group 1)
24/9/2009: JELLE KLAASEN vs Colin Osborne (Championship League Darts, Group 6)
27/9/2009: MERVYN KING vs James Wade (South African Masters, Semi-Final)
28/12/2009: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Brendan Dolan (PDC World Championship, Last 32)
29/4/2010: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Terry Jenkins (Premier League, Week 12)
24/5/2010: PHIL TAYLOR vs James Wade (Premier League, Final)
24/5/2010: PHIL TAYLOR vs James Wade (Premier League, Final)
5/6/2010: MERVYN KING vs Gary Anderson (UK Open, Quarter-Final)
17/7/2010: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Denis Ovens (World Matchplay, Last 32)
3/1/2011: ADRIAN LEWIS vs Gary Anderson (PDC World Championship, Final)
16/7/2011: JOHN PART vs Mark Webster (World Matchplay, Last 32)
31/7/2011: ADRIAN LEWIS vs Raymond van Barneveld (European Championship, Semi-Final)
8/10/2011: BRENDAN DOLAN vs James Wade (World Grand Prix, Semi-Final)
12/10/2011: SIMON WHITLOCK vs Jamie Caven (Championship League Darts, Group 5)
20/10/2011: PHIL TAYLOR vs Mervyn King (Championship League Darts, Winners Group)
16/2/2012: PHIL TAYLOR vs Kevin Painter (Premier League, Week 2)
17/5/2012: SIMON WHITLOCK vs Andy Hamilton (Premier League, Semi-Final)
8/6/2012: GARY ANDERSON vs Davy Dodds (UK Open, Last 64)
25/7/2012: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Steve Beaton (World Matchplay, Last 16)
26/7/2012: WES NEWTON vs Justin Pipe (World Matchplay, Last 16)
23/12/2012: DEAN WINSTANLEY vs Vincent van der Voort (PDC World Championship, Last 32)
30/12/2012: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs James Wade (PDC World Championship, Semi-Final)
29/6/2013: ROSS SMITH vs Adrian Lewis (Gibraltar Darts Trophy, Last 32)
24/9/2013: PHIL TAYLOR vs Adrian Lewis (Championship League Darts, Group 1)
15/10/2013: MERVYN KING vs Gary Anderson (Championship League Darts, Group 4)
15/10/2013: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Terry Jenkins (Championship League Darts, Group 4)
17/10/2013: KIM HUYBRECHTS vs Paul Nicholson (Championship League Darts, Group 6)
14/12/2013: TERRY JENKINS vs Per Laursen (PDC World Championship, Last 64)
14/12/2013: KYLE ANDERSON vs Ian White (PDC World Championship, Last 64)
23/7/2014: PHIL TAYLOR vs Michael Smith (World Matchplay, Last 16)
8/10/2014: JAMES WADE vs Robert Thornton (World Grand Prix, Last 16)
8/10/2014: ROBERT THORNTON vs James Wade (World Grand Prix, Last 16)
26/10/2014: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Raymond van Barneveld (European Championship, Semi-Final)
14/11/2014: KIM HUYBRECHTS vs Michael van Gerwen (Grand Slam Of Darts, Quarter-Final)
30/12/2014: ADRIAN LEWIS vs Raymond van Barneveld (PDC World Championship, Last 16)
22/08/2015: PHIL TAYLOR vs Peter Wright (World Series of Darts, Sydney, Semi Final)
8/11/2015: DAVE CHISNALL vs Peter Wright (Grand Slam Of Darts, Group Stage)
2/1/2016: GARY ANDERSON vs Jelle Klaasen (PDC World Championship, Semi Final)
5/3/2016: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Rob Cross (UK Open, 4th Round)
14/4/2016: ADRIAN LEWIS vs James Wade (Premier League, Week 11)
25/11/2016: ALAN NORRIS vs Michael Smith (Players Championship Finals, First Round)
10/2/2017: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Ryan Murray (UK Open Qualifier 4, Third Round)
10/2/2017: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Ryan Murray (UK Open Qualifier 4, Third Round)
11/2/2017: DARREN WEBSTER vs Benito Van De Pas (UK Open Qualifier 5, Fourth Round)
11/2/2017: RONNY HUYBRECHTS vs Darren Webster (UK Open Qualifier 5, Quarter Final)
12/3/2017: JOE CULLEN vs Jim Brown (Players Championship 4, Second Round)
13/4/2017: ADRIAN LEWIS vs Raymond van Barneveld (Premier League, Week 11)
29/4/2017: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Robert Thornton (Players Championship 9, Final)
30/4/2017: PETER WRIGHT vs Michael Smith (Players Championship 10, Semi Final)
10/10/2017: DAVE CHISNALL vs Ryan Searle (Players Championship 21, First Round)
29/10/2017: KYLE ANDERSON vs Michael van Gerwen (European Darts Championship, Semi Final)
30/06/2018: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Ryan Joyce ( European Darts Matchplay )
26/7/2018: GARY ANDERSON vs Joe Cullen (World Matchplay, Quarter Final)
14/11/2018: DIMITRI VAN DEN BERGH vs Stephen Bunting (Grand Slam of Darts, Last 16)
11/2/2019: CHRIS DOBEY vs Dave Prins (Players Championship 2, Second Round)
11/2/2019: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Jonny Clayton (Players Championship 2, Quarter Final)
16/2/2019:  MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Jamie Hughes (Players Championship 3, Third Round)
23/2/2019: DANNY NOPPERT vs Gabriel Clemens (Players Championship 5, Semi Final)
24/3/2019: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Mensur Suljovic (European Darts Open, Semi Final)
31/3/2019: JAMES WADE vs Darren Webster (ET2, German Darts Championship , Third Round)
26/4/2019: STEVE BEATON vs Kirk Shepherd (ET4, German Darts Open, First Round)
19/5/2019: ROBERT THORNTON vs Krzysztof Ratajski (Players Championship 16, Last 16)
29/6/2019: GERWYN PRICE vs Glen Durrant (ET9, Czech Darts Open, Second Round)
16/7/2019: KYLE ANDERSON vs Steve Lennon (Players Championship 19, First Round)
22/9/2019: IAN WHITE vs Mensur Suljovic (Players Championship 26, Finals)
29/9/2019: DAVE CHISNALL vs James Wade (ET13, Gibraltar Darts Open, Quarter Final)
This post will be for any non-televised 9 darters:


20/11/1996: Phil Taylor vs Dennis Priestley (Sunparks Masters, Final)
14/4/1999: Ronnie Baxter vs ????? (Antwerp Open)
4/6/2000: Graeme Stoddart vs Ian Eames (Swiss Open, Round 2)
4/2/2001: Shayne Burgess vs ????? (Eastbourne Open)
24/2/2002: Steve Beaton vs Ian Eames (Irish Masters)
3/3/2002: Alan Warriner-Little vs Cliff Lazarenko (Ireland Open Spring Classic)
3/3/2002: Paul Williams vs Dennis Priestley (Ireland Open Spring Classic)
12/5/2002: Lionel Sams vs Ronnie Baxter (Le Skratch Montreal Open, Last 32)
23/5/2003: Roland Scholten vs Alan Warriner (Golden Harvest North American Cup)
23/5/2003: Shawn Brenneman vs ????? (Golden Harvest North American Cup)
26/4/2004: Wayne Mardle vs Les Hodkinson (Open Holland, Last 32)
16/10/2004: Yves Cottenje vs Alex Roy (Players Championship: Ireland, Round 1)
16/10/2004: Chris Mason vs Sean Palfrey (Players Championship: Ireland)
18/6/2005: Colin Osborne vs Ken Thomas (World Matchplay Qualifier, Last 128)
24/9/2005: Roland Scholten vs James Wade (Players Championship: Ireland, Quarter-Final)
19/2/2006: Colin Lloyd vs Dennis Priestley (Irish Masters, Final)
10/3/2006: Alan Tabern vs ????? (Vauxhall Spring Pro, Round 1)
19/3/2006: James Wade vs John Part (UK Open North West Qualifier, Last 16)
17/6/2006: Colin Osborne vs Michael Kendrick (Players Championship: Hayling Island 1, Last 64)
18/6/2006: James Wade vs Alan Warriner-Little (Players Championship: Hayling Island 2, Last 32)
18/11/2006: James Wade vs Kevin McDine (Vauxhall Autumn Open, Semi-Final)
20/7/2007: Gary Barnett vs Kevin Hill (World Darts Trophy Qualifiers, Last 128)
1/12/2007: Jason Clark vs Mark Lentz (PDC German Darts Championship, Last 128)
1/12/2007: Raymond van Barneveld vs Detlef Bietz (PDC German Darts Championship, Last 128)
22/3/2008: Colin Lloyd vs Colin Monk (Players Championship: Germany 1, Last 64)
23/3/2008: Dave Askew vs James Wade (Players Championship: Germany 2, Last 32)
23/3/2008: Phil Taylor vs Ronnie Baxter (Players Championship: Germany 2, Last 16)
19/4/2008: Colin Osborne vs Lionel Sams (Players Championship: Glasgow, Last 64)
30/6/2008: Roger Carter vs Wes Newton (Las Vegas Desert Classic Qualifier 1, Last 32)
1/7/2008: Ronnie Baxter vs Simon Whatley (Las Vegas Desert Classic Qualifier 2, Last 64)
30/8/2008: John Magowan vs Steve Maish (Players Championship: Eindhoven 1, Last 128)
8/11/2008: Jelle Klaasen vs Terry Jenkins (Players Championship: Holland 1, Last 32)
17/1/2009: Mark Walsh vs Jamie Caven (Players Championship: Gibraltar 1, Last 64)
28/3/2009: Mervyn King vs Stuart Bousfield (Players Championship: Midlands, Last 32)
29/3/2009: Raymond van Barneveld vs Kirk Shepherd (UK Open Qualifier: Midlands, Last 32)
5/4/2009: Vincent van der Voort vs Mario Masurka (Players Championship: Nuland 2, Last 128)
18/4/2009: Gary Anderson vs Darren Latham (Players Championship: East Midlands, Last 64)
14/6/2009: Colin Monk vs Ray Farrell (Players Championship: Barnsley 2, Last 128)
20/6/2009: Andy Smith vs Mark Walsh (Players Championship: Germany 1, Quarter-Final)
30/6/2009: Larry Butler vs Jan van der Rassel (Players Championship: Las Vegas, Last 128)
30/6/2009: Wes Newton vs Colin Osborne (Players Championship: Las Vegas, Last 32)
5/9/2009: Adrian Lewis vs Carlos Rodriguez (Players Championship: Austria 1, Final)
7/2/2010: Matt Clark vs Dave Askew (Players Championship: Gibraltar 2, Last 128)
20/3/2010: Andy Hamilton vs Alan Tabern (Players Championship: Crawley 1, Last 32)
8/5/2010: Andy Hamilton vs Dennis Priestley (Players Championship: Wigan 3, Last 32)
9/5/2010: Co Stompe vs Vincent van der Voort (UK Open Qualifier 8, Last 64)
16/5/2010: Simon Whitlock vs Phil Taylor (Players Championship: Austria 2, Final)
27/6/2010: Colin Lloyd vs Dave Switzer (PDC U.S Open, Last 64)
5/9/2010: Jamie Caven vs Simon Whitlock (Players Championship: Crawley 3, Semi-Final)
7/11/2010: Mark Dudbridge vs Wayne Jones (Players Championship: Barnsley 4, Last 32)
29/1/2011: Dave Chisnall vs Vincent van der Voort (Players Championship: Germany 1, Last 64)
19/2/2011: John Henderson vs Andy Hamilton (Players Championship: Derby 1, Last 64)
26/2/2011: Michael Smith vs Michael van Gerwen (Youth Tour #2, Quarter-Final)
16/4/2011: Wayne Atwood vs Nigel Heydon (UK Open Qualifier 5, Last 128)
16/4/2011: Dennis Priestley vs Mensur Suljovic (UK Open Qualifier 5, Last 64)
30/4/2011: Dave Chisnall vs Mark Webster (UK Open Qualifier 7, Last 128)
12/6/2011: Simon Whitlock vs Devon Petersen (Players Championship: Barnsley 2, Last 32)
18/6/2011: Simon Whitlock vs Nigel Heydon (Players Championship: Holland 1, Last 32)
19/6/2011: Justin Pipe vs Colin Osborne (Players Championship: Holland 2, Last 32)
2/10/2011: Phil Taylor vs Kevin McDine (Players Championship: Ireland 2, Last 64)
2/10/2011: Raymond van Barneveld vs Phil Taylor (Players Championship: Ireland 2, Last 16)
23/10/2011: Wes Newton vs William O'Connor (Players Championship: Germany 4, Last 64)
30/10/2011: Mark Webster vs Juan Huertas (Players Championship: Spain 2, Last 128)
28/1/2012: Ian White vs Mark Hylton (Players Championship: Spain 1, Last 128)
12/2/2012: Michael van Gerwen vs Dave Chisnall (UK Open Qualifier 2, Final)
10/3/2012: Phil Taylor vs Tony West (Players Championship: Reading 1, Last 64)
11/3/2012: Phil Taylor vs Pete Hudson (Players Championship: Reading 2, Last 128)
24/3/2012: Steve Farmer vs Andy Relf (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 128)
25/3/2012: Richie Burnett vs Michael Barnard (UK Open Qualifier 4, Last 256)
14/4/2012: Raymond van Barneveld vs Michael Barnard (UK Open Qualifier 5, Last 32)
27/4/2012: Michael Smith vs Jamie Caven (Austrian Darts Open, Last 64)
28/4/2012: Simon Whitlock vs Joe Cullen (Austrian Darts Open, Last 32)
5/5/2012: Kim Huybrechts vs Terry Jenkins (UK Open Qualifier 7, Last 32)
22/6/2012: Colin Lloyd vs Alex Roy (German Darts Championship, Last 64)
7/9/2012: Mark Webster vs Andree Welge (German Darts Masters, Last 64)
9/9/2012: Ian White vs Andy Hamilton (German Darts Masters, Last 16)
25/11/2012: Connie Finnan vs Wes Newton (Players Championship: Barnsley 4, Last 16)
17/1/2013: Charl Pietersen vs Kevin McDine (PDC Q-School: Day 1, Last 8)
19/1/2013: Andy Parsons vs Andree Welge (PDC Q-School: Day 3, Last 256)
20/1/2013: Kevin McDine vs Martyn Turner (PDC Q-School: Day 4, Last 8)
23/2/2013: Robert Thornton vs Dave Chisnall (UK Open Qualifier 1, Quarter-Final)
24/2/2013: Kevin Thomas vs Pete Hudson (UK Open Qualifier 2, Last 64)
16/3/2013: Gary Anderson vs Josh Payne (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 256)
16/3/2013: Andy Hamilton vs Tony West (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 64)
22/3/2013: Kurt Parry vs Josh Jones (PDC World Youth Championship, Last 32)
22/3/2013: Michael Smith vs Samuel Head (PDC World Youth Championship, Last 16)
26/4/2013: Prakash Jiwa vs Brett Claydon (European Darts Open UK Qualifier, Last 80)
26/4/2013: Adam Hunt vs Tony West (European Darts Open UK Qualifier, Last 80)
24/5/2013: Joey Palfreyman vs Steve Maish (Austrian Darts Open UK Qualifier, Last 80)
8/6/2013: Wes Newton vs Adrian Lewis (UK Open, Last 32)
22/6/2013: Steve Brown vs Connie Finnan (Players Championship: Crawley 1, Last 64)
13/7/2013: Gaz Cousins vs Eric van Meel (PDC Challenge Tour #10, Last 256)
19/10/2013: Wes Newton vs Jyhan Artut (Killarney Pro Tour 1, Last 32)
25/11/2013: Jamie Robinson vs Steve West (PDC World Championship Qualifier, Last 32)
7/2/2014: Terry Jenkins vs Kurt Parry (UK Open Qualifier 1, Last 128)
7/2/2014: Dave Ladley vs Nick Fulwell (UK Open Qualifier 1, Last 128)
7/2/2014: Dave Chisnall vs Keegan Brown (UK Open Qualifier 1, Last 32)
9/2/2014: Dave Pallett vs Johnny Haines (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 32)
9/2/2014: Phil Taylor vs Andy Hamilton (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 16)
9/2/2014: Phil Taylor vs Adrian Lewis (UK Open Qualifier 3, Final)
15/3/2014: Adrian Lewis vs Joe Cullen (Players Championship: Barnsley 1, Last 64)
22/3/2014: Dave Chisnall vs Mark Walsh (Players Championship: Crawley 1, Last 64)
22/3/2014: Michael van Gerwen vs Phil Taylor (Players Championship: Crawley 1, Last 16)
26/5/2014: Johnny Haines vs Jelle Klaasen (Players Championship: Crawley 4, Last 32)
6/7/2014: Matthew Dicken vs Frankie Ansell (PDC Challenge Tour #12, Last 128)
3/11/2014: Darryl Fitton vs James Richardson (Grand Slam Of Darts Qualifier, Last 96)
23/11/2014: Adrian Lewis vs Wes Newton (Players Championship: Coventry 4, Last 32)
01/12/2014: Gary Stone vs John Bowles (PDC World Championship Qualifier, Last 64)
14/1/2015: Alan Norris vs Jason Lovett (PDC Q-School: Day 1, Last 32)
15/1/2015: Dyson Parody vs Paul Milford (PDC Q-School: Day 2, Last 512)
18/1/2015: Alan Norris vs Jason Lovett (German Darts Championship UK Qualifier, Last 160)
18/1/2015: Andrew Gilding vs Robbie Green (Gibraltar Darts Trophy UK Qualifier, Last 80)
8/2/2015: Simon Whitlock vs Nathan Aspinall (UK Open Qualifier 3, last 128)
22/2/2015: Ian White vs Mervyn King (UK Open Qualifier 6, Quarter Finals)
13/3/2015: Kyle Anderson vs Alan Tabern (European Tour 4 UK Qualifier, Second [and final] Round)
14/3/2015: Nathan Derry vs Darren Johnson (Players Championship 1, First Round)
15/3/2015: Jeffrey de Zwaan vs Ian White (Players Championship 2, Third Round)
15/3/2015: Cristo Reyes vs Robert Thornton (Players Championship 2, Last 16)
10/4/2015: Darren Johnson vs Steve Beaton (Players Championship 3, First Round)
12/4/2015: Benito van de Pas vs Max Hopp (Players Championship 5, Second Round)
25/4/2015: Matthew Dicken v Nathan Aspinall (PDC Unicorn Development Tour 1, First Round)
26/4/2015: Dirk van Duijvenbode v Kurt Parry (PDC Unicorn Development Tour 3, Second Round)
1/5/2015: Devon Petersen vs Ronny Huybrechts (Players Championship 6, First Round)
1/5/2015: James Wade vs Michael van Gerwen (Players Championship 6, Final)
2/5/2015: Peter Wright vs Justin Pipe (Players Championship 7, Fourth Round)
23/5/2015: Ian White vs Jamie Lewis (Players Championship 11, Semi Final)
24/5/2015: Cristo Reyes vs Wes Newton (Players Championship 12, Second Round)
18/6/2015: Max Hopp vs David Grellmann (European Tour 5 Home Nation Qualifier, Second Round)
5/7/2015: Magnus Caris v Jason Marriott (Players Championship 14, First Round)
11/7/2015: Simon Preston v Stuart Holden (PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 10, First Round)
25/9/2015: Devon Petersen v James Wilson (ET9 European Darts Grand Prix, UK Qualifier, Board Final)
27/9/2015: Kim Huybrechts v Simon Whitlock (Players Championship 16, Quarter Final)
2/10/2015: Jamie Lewis v Ian Moss (Players Championship 17, First Round)
3/10/2015: Michael Van Gerwen v Raymond Van Barneveld (Players Championship 18, Third Round)
3/10/2015: Phil Taylor v Stephen Bunting (Players Championship 18, Quarter Final)
13/1/2016: Ross Smith v Ryan de Vreede (PDC Q School, Day 1, Last 128)
17/1/2016: Jamie Caven v Mark Barilli (ET1 Dutch Darts Masters, UK Qualifier, Board Final)
5/2/2016: Mark Dudbridge v Andy Jenkins (UK Open Qualifier 1, Third Round)
21/2/2016: Richie Corner v Steve Hine (UK Open Qualifier 6, Second Round)
11/3/2016: Stuart Kellett v Steve Hine (ET3, Gibraltar Darts Trophy, UK Qualifier, Board Final)
13/3/2016: Michael van Gerwen v Ian White (Players Championship 2, Quarter Final)
8/4/2016: Adrian Lewis v Ray Campbell (Players Championship 3, First Round)
8/4/2016: Alan Norris v Terry Temple (Players Championship 3, Second Round)
30/4/2016: Dave Chisnall v Jamie Caven (Players Championship 6, Third Round)
1/5/2016: Devon Petersen v Peter Wright (Players Championship 7, Fourth Round)
20/5/2016: James Richardson v Justin Pipe (ET6, European Darts Open, UK Qualifier, First Round)
22/5/2016: Jeffrey de Zwaan v Ron Meulenkamp (Players Championship 9, Second Round)
5/8/2016: Steve Brown v James Richardson (ET9, European Darts Grand Prix, UK Qualifier, Preliminary Round)
4/9/2016: Daniel Cole v Berry van Peer (PDC Unicorn Development Tour 15, Third Round)
10/9/2016: Rob Cross v Kirk Shepherd (PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 13, Semi Final)
10/9/2016: Richard Baillie v Richie Burnett (PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 14, Third Round)
21/9/2016: Jeffrey de Graaf v Chris Dobey (Players Championship 15, Second Round)
21/9/2016: Michael van Gerwen v Simon Whitlock (Players Championship 15, Fourth Round)
22/9/2016: Yordi Meeuwisse v Benito van de Pas (Players Championship 16, First Round)
22/9/2016: Simon Whitlock v Andrew Gilding (Players Championship 16, Second Round)
22/9/2016: Michael van Gerwen v Joe Murnan (Players Championship 16, Third Round)
21/10/2016: Simon Whitlock v Par Riihonen (Players Championship 19, First Round)
5/2/2017: Ted Evetts v Simon Whitlock (UK Open Qualifier 3, Round 3)
12/2/2017: Christian Kist v Adrian Lewis (UK Open Qualifier 6, Round 5)
26/2/2017: Adrian Lewis v John Henderson (Players Championship 2, First Round)
10/3/2017: Ryan Meikle v Robbie Green (ET1, German Darts Championship, UK Qualifier, Second Round)
11/3/2017: Kim Huybrechts v Sven Groen (Players Championship 3, First Round)
18/3/2017: Mike De Decker v Nathan Rafferty (PDC Unicorn Development Tour 5, Fifth Round)
2/4/2017: Ricky Williams v Jeffrey de Graaf (Players Championship 6, First Round)
7/4/2017: Steve Beaton v James Richardson (ET3, German Darts Open, UK Qualifier, Board Final)
16/4/2017: Mark Dudbridge v Gary Butcher (PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 7, Quarter Final)
21/5/2017: Dave Chisnall v Darren Webster (Players Championship 12, Third Round)
4/8/2017: Mickey Mansell v Darren Johnson (ET10, German Darts Grand Prix, UK Qualifier, Third Round)
4/8/2017: Rob Hewson v Jamie Caven (ET11, International Darts Open, UK Qualifier, First Round)
5/8/2017: Jamie Lewis v John Part (Players Championship 17, Second Round)
5/8/2017: Kyle Anderson v Ronny Huybrechts (Players Championship 17, Fourth Round)
31/8/2017: Robert Allenstein vs Ronny Huybrechts (ET9, Dutch Darts Masters, European Qualifier, Second [and final] Round)
29/9/2017: Mensur Suljovic vs Ryan Searle (Players Championship 19, Fourth Round)
3/2/2018: Robbie Green vs Lee Harris (UK Open Qualifier 2, Last 128)
3/2/2018: Ian White vs Daryl Gurney (UK Open Qualifier 2, Last 16)
4/2/2018: Michael van Gerwen vs Jermaine Wattimena (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 16)
9/2/2018: Peter Jacques vs Marko Kantele (UK Open Qualifier 4, Last 256)
16/2/2018: John Goldie vs Brendan Dolan (ET2, German Darts Grand Prix, UK Qualifier, First Round)
9/3/2018: Cameron Menzies vs Jamie Caven (ET3, German Darts Open, UK Qualifier, Third [and final] Round)
10/3/2018: Jamie Lewis vs Adam Hunt (Players Championship 3, Second Round)
18/3/2018: Steve Hine vs John Henderson (Players Championship 6, First Round)
6/4/2018: Stephen Bunting vs Lee Evans (ET6, Dutch Darts Masters, UK Qualifier, Third [and final] Round)
7/4/2018: Nathan Aspinall vs Alan Norris (Players Championship 7, Second Round)
14/4/2018: Dawson Murschell vs Declan Fishwick (Development Tour 1, Fifth Round)
5/5/2018: Dennis Nilsson vs Kevin Dowling (Challenge Tour 10, Last 16)
18/5/2018: Simon Preston vs Steve West (ET7, Gibraltar Darts Trophy, UK Qualifier, Third [and final] Round)
27/06/2018: Adrian Lewis vs Daryl Gurney (Players Championship 16, Fourth Round))
4/9/2018: Vincent van der Voort vs Rob Cross (Players Championship 17, Third Round)
4/9/2018: James Wade vs Michael Smith (Players Championship 17, Quarter Final)
8/9/2018: Krzysztof Ratajski vs Mark Frost (Challenge Tour 13, Second Round)
23/9/2018: Rowby-John Rodriguez vs Rob Hewson (Development Tour 16, Third Round)
28/9/2018: George Killington vs Jelle Klaasen (Players Championship 19, First Round)
28/9/2018: Michael van Gerwen vs Kyle Anderson (Players Championship 19, Third Round)
29/9/2018: Peter Hudson vs Daryl Gurney (Players Championship 20, First Round)
20/10/2018: Andrew Gilding vs Mark Dudbridge (Players Championship 21, First Round)
21/10/2018: Jimmy Hendriks vs Mark Wilson (Players Championship 22, First Round)
11/11/2018: Eddie Lovely vs Michael McCloskey (Challenge Tour 20, First Round)
27/1/2019: Peter Jacques vs Radek Szaganski (Challenge Tour 4, Fourth Round)
11/2/2019: Geert Nentjes vs Mervyn King  (Players Championship 2, Second Round)
11/2/2019: Dave Chisnall vs Rowby-John Rodriguez (Players Championship 2, Third Round)
22/2/2019: Ted Evetts vs Patrick Lynskey (ET1, UK Card Holders Qualifier, Round 1)
22/2/2019: Ricky Evans vs Justin Pipe (ET2, UK Card Holders Qualifier, Round 2)
23/2/2019: Scott Baker vs Dave Chisnall (Players Championship 5, Third Round)
24/2/2019: Ritchie Edhouse vs Danny Noppert (Players Championship 6, Fourth Round)
10/3/2019: Brian Raman vs Andrew Davidson (Development Tour 4, Fifth Round)
15/3/2019: Ritchie Edhouse vs Mickey Mansell (ET4, UK Card Holders Qualifier, Final Round)
15/3/2019: Ted Evetts vs Keegan Brown (ET4, UK Card Holders Qualifier, Final Round)
6/4/2019: Mark McGeeney vs Adam Hunt (Players Championship 9, Round 1)
13/4/2019: Harry Ward vs William O'Connor (Players Championship 11, First Round)
20/4/2019: Callan Rydz vs Bertus Herks (Development Tour 6, First Round)
12/5/2019: Geert De Vos vs John Power (Challenge Tour 7, Second Round)
18/5/2019: Dave Chisnall vs Cristo Reyes (Players Championship 15, Second Round)
19/5/2019: Michael Rasztovits vs Michel Furlani (ET9, Associate Members Qualifier, First Round)
9/6/2019: Geert Nentjes vs Callum Loose (Development Tour 11, Second Round)
21/6/2019: Madars Razma vs Cristo Reyes (ET9 Euro Card Holders Qualifier, Board Final)
22/6/2019: Dimitri Van den Bergh vs John Henderson (Players Championship 17, Second Round)
13/7/2019: Andy Jenkins vs David Ladley (Challenge Tour 9, Quarter Final)
10/8/2019: Boris Koltsov vs Andrew Gilding (Challenge Tour 14, Fourth Round)
11/8/2019: Simon Preston vs Dean Reynolds (Challenge Tour 16, First Round)
17/8/2019: Geert Nentjes vs Levy Frauenfelder (Development Tour 14, Fourth Round)
11/9/2019: John Henderson vs Ron Meulenkamp (Players Championship 24, Fourth Round)
20/9/2019: Matt Clark vs Reece Robinson (ET13 UK Card Holders Qualifier, Board Final)
20/9/2019: Jose De Sousa vs Christian Kist (ET13 EU Card Holders Qualifier, Second Round)
21/9/2019: Jeffrey De Zwaan vs Ron Meulenkamp (Players Championship 25, Third Round)
22/9/2019: Rob Cross vs Jose Justicia (Players Championship 26, Second Round)
28/9/2019: Cody Harris vs Joey Palfreyman (Challenge Tour 18, First Round)
5/10/2019: Mensur Suljovic vs Adam Hunt (Players Championship 28, Second Round)
15/10/2019: Gerwyn Price vs Jon Worsley (Players Championship 30, Second Round)
updated to add both Green's and White's niners in today's UK Open qualifier 2
updated to add Peter Jacques from todays UK Open qualifier
Updated to add John Goldie's niner in the ET2 UK qualifier today
Updated to add Cameron Menzies niner in todays ET3 UK qualifier
Can’t remember if it was 1997 Or 2000  the only two yrs I went to the welsh open  I watched Ronnie Baxter hit a 9 darter  and he did it that fast I didn’t realise what he had done until he turned and took a bow
Sorry just realised it was pic 9 darters
Updated to add Jamie Lewis's niner from PC3 today
Updated to add the Muffin Mans niner from PC6 today

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