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Apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum for this question. Just watching some old clips of Aidy in arguably his peak years around his Worlds successes and can't help but notice he was throwing so much quicker than he does now, with unbelievable accuracy.

Makes me wonder, has his slight slow down become a hinderance?
I don't think this is the reason why is so bad this year. It is all in his head i think
And he had some back injury if im correct?
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(03-05-2018, 03:38 PM)NvG55 Wrote: ...It is all in his head i think


(03-05-2018, 03:38 PM)NvG55 Wrote: ...It is all in his stomach i think

Fixed! Big Grin
Lewis has had a terrible 2 years in his private life. His wife has been seriously ill with a kidney problem and he has been trying to be Mum and Dad to 4 kids and also be a pro darts player. This is what he was referring to when he thought the PDC could have done more. He also had a cancer scare back in November which was the issue with his back, that is now sorted and fortunately was nothing serious.

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Hopefully he gets his life back in order and back to playing his best.. seems wrong to not have him and Chizzy up there in the Prem etc...
I did see when comparing his past performances he was so quick. I was a little puzzled by his slow pace in the recent Players Championship matches. But I think it's just a change due to his issues. He will pick up I'm sure once his issues get sorted out. He is such a talent in darts but mentally he is a wreck. We can hope he will be back in the game.
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Probably the best player in the world to watch when he’s on form. There’s too much talent there to go to waste, and by the sounds of it he’s putting in the work these days. I do miss his quicker pace, which is strange because his actual action didn’t look as smooth if you go and watch a match of his from around 2012 or so.
Lazy darter.....should be performing better.
Something wrong ... Better player than he has been lately .
But having said that the caliber of darts today is arguably the best ever .
It takes an exceptional player week in week out to advance.

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