My interview with Glen Durrant - and its great
Hi Guys

Duzza made the time to answer my questions. Really great guy

please read:

Darts: 21g Unicorn Taylor. Phase 1 cop
Stems: unicorn short
Flights: std 75mc
Board: Winmau Blade 5. 

Best 100 at 20 score: 115 (17/10/18)
Current ave: 95

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Very nice interview and some great and interesting answers from Duzza
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Darts Setup: 23g DPC Extreme Performance, Black Target Pro Grip Stems, Target Vision 100 Standard Flights, 35mm Gold CD Mk3 Points
Previous Darts Setup: 23g DPC Gun Metal Elite, Medium Black Target Pro Grip Stems, Standard Black V180 Flights, 30mm Black Grooved Storm Points

What I liked was the answer to his last question—”Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit”. SPOT ON!
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Nice interview Smile
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Great interview, thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing! Great interview!
Good read ... Warming up to him .

Match Darts=Target Darryl Fitton,s® 22g

Back ups= Hmmmmm??? ®

 And..A few sets of spares .®   Rolleyes


Thanks for sharing, good stuff
So jealous that you got to interview one of my darting heroes!

A very good and enjoyable interview.

Darts: Harrows Glen Durrant Duzza Series 2 24g, short Harrows Supergrip shafts, Harrows flights (Marathon/Retina/Optix/Rapide) 

Best 501: 13 darts (League), 14 darts (Pro Darter)

Best Checkout: 154 (League), 160 (Pro Darter)
A true Champion with a determination to become even better, very realistic answers to all the questions
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Current Board 
Gladiator 2 with Corona Surround and Unicorn number ring
Modified Unicorn Striker with RD medium sparkle stems, hardcore  charcoal flights and Target titanium stem rings   

Playing 40 years on and off and still barely average                 


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