Show off: Your n01 (and other apps) practice results
Hi everyone. Since I can't find any similar thread with print screens of your practice routines, even though I have posted a few screenshots in different threads in the past, I am starting this one. What is more, because of the recent photobucket issue, lots of older pictures have been gone anyway...

So, here's my yesterday practice. It went quite well. I have n01 set to show me my doubles success rate and I was glad to keep it for a long time high over 50%. In the end it went down to 33% but it's still quite good.

[Image: LYG75fQ.jpg]
Lost today...

[Image: XCD6zzj.jpg]
Strange thing happened to me :-) I was practicing with a certain set of darts and a certain set up. I was quite struggling and I had a feeling that those darts aren't right for this set up so I opened another window of n01 and played a few legs with several different sets of darts, however using the very same shafts and flights for all darts I had tested.

Here are two printscreens. The first one is for one set of darts and the second one is for numerous sets of darts. And then I looked at the averages of both windows and they were almost identical.
Conclusion: I still have no clue what set of darts to use next time providing I'd use these stems and flights .-)

[Image: 13ZxMKy.jpg]
[Image: Li0pkYb.jpg]

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