NEW Mckicks Premium White Mighty Grip 25gr 90% tungsten Darts (the old style is back)
This is my review of the NEW McKicks Premium White Mighty Grip 25gr 90% Tungsten Darts

[Image: U4GByBC.jpg]

For about two years I want to have this darts cause there is a rumor that they are what MvG throwing. There is different opinions but one thing is for sure. He is not throwing XQmax darts. Also as you could see to the comparison section, this is the only 25gr set that is actually identical to the 23gr dimensions of the XQmax, or Masterdarts. There was no reason to rush though, so I had them in my wishlist for a long time. 

BUT some months ago they “Suddenly” disappeared from all the UK retailers websites and the place of the set which was identical to MvG’s (for now on vol.1) has been taken from a new way-less grippy set (vol. 2). 
[Image: awOoneA.jpg]

So when you can’t have something you need it more. I start searching the net to find one. After asking here and there I realized, a couple of weeks ago, that the old style doesn’t exist anymore and some retailers didn’t even realize that there is a change on them. Also one more version appeared which was something inbetween (vol.3) more grippy than the vol.2 but less grippy than the old style vol.1.

Today I have in my hands the NEW NEW McKicks Mighty Grip (vol.4) that I got from the Dutch retailer It seems that the old style grip came back or at least a very close one.

As I was told by Bulls Darts the reason of changing is a problem with the factory that made them but it is sorted now. ?
Some comparison photos will follow to help you make your own decisions...
and now to the darts. 

Packaging and Contents:

[Image: x4QSQnv.jpg]
The darts come in a normal cardboard box and inside you will find:
1 plastic slim case
1 set of short blue aluminum shafts 
and 1set of standard red mighty grip flights
[Image: eYXytqP.jpg]
[Image: iZAORVi.jpg]

[Image: HwJkm9l.jpg]

The design is well known to the most of you. Is a totally straight, ring grip dart with a full rounded nose.
[Image: fehF8yF.jpg]
The machinery looks great, in this simple design, with clear cuts and the rings are painted nicely without little faults. The black coated points is something I like very much cause they give a good grip in the board without hurting it but these are longer than I’m used to, it will not be a problem though.
[Image: EwmzPhg.jpg]
[Image: NY1fK8f.jpg]
[Image: DZulYhz.jpg]
[Image: dWwUo9p.jpg]
[Image: miYrTzM.jpg]

The Grip:

[Image: yj440bU.jpg]

Once again it’s all about the grip. That’s what all the fuzz is about. It’s a medium aggressive grip darts set which it maybe could be more aggressive if the paint goes off.
[Image: p5frgNB.jpg]
[Image: 0c2J9zB.jpg]

It consists of deep grooves all over the barrel (expect the 3 smooth areas). The rings in each section are a bit different in the front and middle section the thin rings are about 0,7mm while in the rear section 0,5mm. There are also some thicker rings which are seperated by wider grooves. something that gives a more aggressive feeling there. 
[Image: 1mNJd1G.jpg]
[Image: 3Bz2Q1c.jpg]
I could do without the middle section smooth part but it wasn’t a problem for me. Generally is a great feeling grip darts set high medium level with mixed size rings and grooves 

Throwing the McKicks Mighty Grip Darts:

[Image: gYRw2GJ.jpg]
[Image: xJx2r1e.jpg]
After putting my standard setup (short nylon shaft standard big flights) I started. This is maybe the longer darts i ever had so it took me a while to get used. I hit the targets with difficulty but i got some weird landing angles. After that I got comfortable with them. The shape and ballance is great but with my setup they landed a bit flatter than i used to.
[Image: v9jFILd.jpg]
[Image: eUxYvLo.jpg]

After that i wasn't full so i decided to change to a shorter shaft. So i had some throws with extra short nylon shaft and that's it.
[Image: NY1fK8f.jpg]
Now they feel comfortable and they fly really smooth without spinning or anything else.
[Image: CCEv7z3.jpg]
[Image: AHSnABI.jpg]
[Image: VixHPfx.jpg]

I really enjoyed throwing them. The darts landed in the board with my usual angle and they feel well balanced while the smooth section didn't give me a problem as i grip them just above it.


The balance point of the barrel itself is almost 4,5mm in front of the center
[Image: QXCQUeu.jpg]

With the extra short shaft and standard 75 micron flights the balance point moves just in the actual dart's center
[Image: 2UeY75a.jpg]
while with my first setup (short nylon shaft - standard 75 micron flights) the balance point is almost in the same spot 
[Image: NjVwt1L.jpg]

and with the setup provided (short aluminum shafts and 100 micron standard flights) it moves about 1mm back of the center
[Image: DDHL4O5.jpg]
Comparison with similar sets:

[Image: S0qPrko.jpg]
I wish I had the old style grip to take some comparison photos myself but I will try to do it with what I have.  First of all i would like to thank four members of the forum Danger Mouse, Walker, Yuillsy and Notato for giving me the permission to use some of their photos and the Double in - Double out Darts cafe here in Thessaloniki Greece who let me take a couple of photos from the XQmax MvG darts that they are selling.  

New Mckicks vs MasterDarts and XQmax MvGs.

The concept in the grip is the same. The differences are in the wide groove sections. Where the grooves of the Mckicks are a bit narrower which make the grip there less aggressive. But to the rest of the barrel i found the grip in the mckicks better.
[Image: 43tf31w.jpg]

The big difference are in the dimensions though.
From left to right:
  1. XQmax 23gr Lenght: 54,41mm Width: 6,41mm
  2. McKicks 25gr Lenght: 54,25mm Width: 6,42mm
  3. MasterDarts 25gr Lenght: 50,5mm Width: 6,77mm
  4. XQmax 25gr Lenght: 50,56mm Width: 6,78mm
The idea of getting the Mckicks got in my head about 18months ago when i got in my hand the Masterdarts MvGs. They were great but i was dissapointed cause they have really different dimensions (they are actually shorter) from the 23gr version. 
You can see that the two sets have almost identical dimensions with the difference being the smaller smooth section in the nose in the XQmax and the wider grooves in some sections.
[Image: 2DOFMRU.jpg]

Comparison of the 4 versions
As it appears the vol.4 is the closer to old style, that you can get right now (if its not identical). You can see it yourself.
[Image: qUzEXAs.jpg]
[Image: O5z8LnY.jpg]
[Image: USmuSJb.jpg]
[Image: 85JTUXP.jpg]
[Image: iFCZFcN.jpg]
[Image: JCE21Ys.jpg]
[Image: OVLoH0w.jpg]

As you can see even the darts from the old version have some differences between them. This thing is not something unusual. But the difference between the vol.2 and the rest of them is big.

Weight matching:

[Image: PatziGT.jpg]
The three barrels weights are 25.02gr, 24.99gr and 25.00gr

The weight difference in them is near to zero (0,03gr lighter to heavier) so its almost perfect.


[Image: NtLLYZ1.jpg]

Lenght: 54.25mm

Diameter: 6.42mm


Design: 8
Grip: 8
Weight Match: 9
Suitability for me: 7
Overall: 8

I’m really happy with this purchase. The darts are what I was expecting and I’m also happy to see that Mckicks produces again the style everyone wants.
The grip and the balance of the darts is great. I think that the will suite middle and rear grippers but the area in the front is really small for the front grippers. 
The smooth parts didn’t give me a problem but if your grip goes there they could be really slippy. They fly really smooth (with the extra short shafts for me) and the grip gives you great control.

Also, the guys in the was really helpful and patient with me asking all these questions to be sure that this was what I want and they even sent me some photos to help me. So this is a +1 from me to them.

The darts price is 48 euros. Way more from what I used to see before for this set but this is something usual for the retailers outside UK, 
I don’t know if the price would be different when some UK retailers list them but right now they are the only retailer that have them (as far as I could know).

They are also available in 21 and 23 grams and you can find them here:

And here is a link to the Mckicks website to explore their range:

That’s all from me. I hope you enjoyed my review and help you make your own decisions.
Absolutely fantastic review!!  Darren, you may have yourself some competition, LOL!  

I had wanted a set of these in 23g for quite awhile but just about the time I got ready to buy, the grip debacle began.  I basically put them out of my mind at that point, however, I always held on to the idea that the situation would be sorted out.  Now it looks like it has!  Hopefully, we'll see the 23g version get the same treatment soon!

+1 from me, Copigme!!
- Red

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Great review and photography.
 Now the wait until our favourite UK stores get stock and hopefully distinguish them from their current
inventory ... Hint : How about new Part #'s ,description and pictures, so we know what we're getting . Dodgy

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Not a dart for me, but an awesome review... +1 for your work. 

For the people who want a set of what you call vol. can you identify this? Is the packaging different?
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
Fantastic review and comparison! Great work.

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(07-18-2017, 05:04 AM)Red Wrote: Absolutely fantastic review!!  Darren, you may have yourself some competition, LOL!  

I had wanted a set of these in 23g for quite awhile but just about the time I got ready to buy, the grip debacle began.  I basically put them out of my mind at that point, however, I always held on to the idea that the situation would be sorted out.  Now it looks like it has!  Hopefully, we'll see the 23g version get the same treatment soon!

+1 from me, Copigme!!

Thank you very much Red.
I would be a dissaster if they didnt sorted this out somehow cause is a really popular set. They are available in 21 and 23gr too.
(07-18-2017, 05:41 AM)The G Wrote: Great review and photography.
 Now the wait until our favourite UK stores to get stock and hopefully distinguish them from their current
inventory ... Hint : How about new Part #'s ,description and pictures, so we know what we're getting . Dodgy

Thank you very much G.

The problem is that some of them didn't even realise that they changed till someone complain to them.
I guess they have many of the previous versions in stock and they will not throw them away so it may take some time to sort this out.
I wish they make new part numbers but i dont think so. Many of them still have the photos of the vol.1 and they are selling vol.2,
some of them have the vol.3 and don't know it.
To excuse them there are so many new darts nowadays and maybe they cannout catch up.
BUT its their job so they have too.
Time will show us.
Awesome effort John, +1 for your work! Sounds like you were on a mission with these ones Smile

I wish I had kept the McKicks I bought a few years ago now.

I am pretty sure the design of the vol 2 was not deliberate, to me its like the barrels were half finished.

I am sure a lot of brands don't have their own manufacturing factory so will have to contract it to either another brand or a specific factory that makes darts for many brands. I figure some brands will have an ongoing contract with one manufacturer and some will probably have a few they use as and when needed.

So this is where the problem of the vol 2 mystifies me. If they used the same supplier that had made them before then what went wrong? Surely the templates/programming was already there and if they had made them before why would they make them different?

I think its more likely they had to use a new supplier and they were not fully briefed on the design or they decided to take liberties and do it their own way.

But this is where the bigger issue arises. Whoever or what ever the reason was for the vol 2 darts they should not have gone to retail like that. They surely must have checked the darts when they got them from the manufacturer and must have known they were not the same so why did they send them to retail?

I think its not fair on all the customers who will have bought them and got something different to what they thought they were getting. Not good at all.
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Excellent review to make the differences clear to see, great pictures and explanation. +1 for taking the time
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