Poll: Where do you grip your darts
The stem
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Where do you grip your dart?
Almost on the stem -> grip at the rear
I have kind of a situational grip. For scores in the bottom half I usually grip in the middle wih my thumb and index finger with the middle finger streched along the barrel and touching the point. The thumb stays under the dart whilst the index finger stays on the top of the barrel all along it. For the upper half, same position only that gripped closer to the stem. Can't think of someone important using this kind of grip.
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Rear. When throwing e.g. the 24G Bristow's I grip the smooth section with my thumb and forefinger hen the middle finger rests at the other end.
I voted middle but my thumb goes back a bit more when I play with my 22 gram dart. Almost touching the shaft.
With 25 g, I used to play in the middle and had to keep my thumb right at the gravity center of the barrel.

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On my straight darts front grip with index finger on the point . Changed slightly with scalloped darts but index finger still reaching for the point . Surprising how many of you go for the rear .
yep that's a lot of rear grippers, the Asian companies are on to something then Smile
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thumb near the rear with index finger on top of barrel and middle finger under the nose of barrel, short barrel 40mm
Totally wrong I know, but I hold it by the stem. Thumb and index finger on the stem and my middle finger just at the end of the barrel
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I grip middle, but a little closer to the front.
I grip my dart at the oche.
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