Poll: Where do you grip your darts
The stem
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Where do you grip your dart?
just in front of middle.
From the middle to the front.
Grip it in the rear right where it counts.
I voted front, but I'd say I'm actually between middle and front. I guess that would be the front part of the middle.
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I have my thumb underneath at the back and the next three fingers on to top the barrell and my little finger resting on the point.
Rear gripper here, at the join of barrel & shaft
My grip is pretty similar to Eric Bristow more the rear of the barrel/shaft with finger on point.
(10-02-2013, 06:11 PM)Getagrip Wrote: Dont know if we have had a poll on this before, cant find it if we have.

Do you grip the front, middle or rear of the barrel?

By grip I mean the bulk of your grip ie thumb and index finger.

I grip at the front.

I grip towards the rear.
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Im more of a middle to back gripper, just past the center weight.

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