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Dartboard's Lifespan
Hi all, voted <1 for my current Unicorn Eclipse Pro II, I am about to replace it after 3 months with around 100 hours on it. 4 rotations and one segment for T20 has bubbled out and now the segment wire is coming out of the board.
My Harrows Official Competition board is 1990's and I can any day put it on the wall. It's ok condition.
My B5 is driving me nuts. Its about 53 weeks old now, got it for my birthday last year. Practicing tonight (thank god thats all it was) I had over a dozen darts in the floor, not bounce outs. Darts just wont stay in. Unless my new Harrows Sonics have some kind of anti-magnetic tips that dont agree with the board somehow. I have the board up in a basement now, and its dry here for a basement, fan force heater right under where the board is. I've heard of people spraying water on their boards, Winmau tells you not to do this. But the board does feel very dry. Worth a shot?
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Water will do it in for sure.  Put it in a room with some humidity control to see if it'll come back.  Where do you keep your guitars?  They won't like super dry air.  I try to keep my guitars and boards in the 50's as measured by a hygrometer. Some of our Western Canadian members drape a damp cloth over the board.  But it get's much drier in Alberta than we ever see down east, even with forced air.  Perhaps one of them will see this and comment.  

But if you have to mount a board over a forced air register, you'll probably continue to have problems.  Even with a deflector and humidifier.
Our lives have just been upside down since the summer. I was lucky to get a job in the city even though I hate to be here but we were hurting before that. Lucky to be able to put my board up here at all. The dehumidifier is going down here a lot of the time, which I guess makes it closer to those alberta conditions I dont miss at all. Back home my electrics are on the wall but my acoustics are put away
I have been playing on a B5 for a couple months now. The B4DC that was going great for 7mo all of a sudden developed a circular raised ring of sisal between the bull and treble ring which lifted the spider about an 1/8” pulling the bull ring almost free of the board.

I didn’t write any scathing rant about the failure because I’m sure it was related to the crazy summer heat waves and the fact that the board is mouted in the garage. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if the board was subjected to heat as high as 110 for weeks at a time, possibly higher. I’ll be mounting a thermometer to track the temps soon.

The B5 is more firm than the B4DC but both boards are wearing equally over the same periods of time. The majority of my practice darts are fitted with smooth storm points which are very gentle on the board. 

I imagine that boards mounted in a controlled interior environment they will last 2x to 3x longer than an exterior mounting. 

The boards are experiencing about 20hrs a week and several users.
<2. Glad III holding up well. I thought it was getting too soft and I was having a lot of bounce outs, then I sharpened my points to a straight 5° taper and left them just a tad rough, really just a tad, and now they sink in and stay in beautifully. Keep it around 50°-60° relative humidity. It gets about 2 hours a day, though it got 6 months off this spring and summer. I rotate it every two weeks or so, depending on what I am working on. No need to rotate if I am doing a lot of around the clock business, just when I am working on a particular treble.
So at just over one year it is still in great shape and my guess is it will hold till the end of the year. I like to sell my boards before they really start going, otherwise I can't get anything for them. As is, it might cost me 10 quid a year for a good board. Not bad, me thinks.
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Target 9Five Generation 3s Cool  23.g (weighted 22s) 32mm points.  How can I miss with them arrows?  Undecided   

A "Royal Darts Dartboard PLATINUM" lasted just 15 weeks, the sisal turned into wood (not literally, but the bounce outs felt like).
Around 10-20 hours a week usage.
After exactly 145 days the lifetime of my ONE80 Gladiator 2 comes to an end; one last rotation circle and then it goes to the trash can. (aprox. 22 weeks)
More and more darts just bounce off and the regions around the treble fields look extremely crappy.

From the very beginning I was disappointed by the advertised self-healing powers and that didn't get any better.
I didn't notice an acclimatization effect, the look and feel became worse and worse.
I rotated the board daily, after around 2 hours heavy beating per day.

The often mentioned durability was the biggest factor for my G2 but I can't confirm that at all.
Maybe the G2's  were produced differently in the beginning.

Trashed after 155 days, even 25g darts started to fall out of the board in slow motion; sounded like throwing on wood
up to about a year on a Blade 5 that looks pretty rough, but still fine for now.
not any significant increase in bounce outs that I’ve noticed, which would be only problem that would make me replace it now, so I reckon I’ll get through to Xmas time easy enough.
6 months with my G3 and its only just starting to show some lines of the edges of the sisal sections above the triple sections of the black area. But no real damage or actual sisal fibers coming out. Pleased with that.
This is My blade 5 , it just hit one full rotation from counter clockwise, one black Rotation turn every 3 weeks, casual play...at home just myself.
SInce January 

Doing pretty well! Looks like the humidit is doin it in .some beds are raised out further than others. Actually only this original 20 spot is the worst, the originals 18 look s beautiful 
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I have a Unicorn Eclipse HD and playing for 1,5 years. Problems;
1. The numbers broke in first 3 months.
2. After 1 year, I have a big spider problem.
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If you're talking the original HD with the metal numbers attached with little tabs to the ring - yours lasted longer than mine - lol.
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Got mine in 2015. It's still quite all right I would say

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