Poll: How. Long does your home board last ?
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Dartboard's Lifespan
How long does your home board last ?
Those that respond < 6 months or < 1year ... How many hours a week do you use your board ?

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I've got one up that is more than 3 years and it's probably got 2-3 more in it...

I'm beginning to think that the evaporating water from the fish tank is very helpful

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Always get at least 18 months out of my Bulls, I play between 1 and 2 hours per day roughly.
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Play a couple of hours every week
I've been lucky to get 18 months out of most boards, primarily Nodor and Swiftflyte.  I'm using a Blade 4 now and it's by far the best I've ever had.  I'm guessing I'll get three years out of it.  I average about 45 minutes a night.
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I voted once a year, but it is sometimes a bit sooner depending on the amount of play it gets. Living in the US sees my board getting a lot of Cricket play and it's always the Bull that gets worn out fastest on my boards. I guess I'll play between 5-8 hours a week between lone practice and playing with a buddy of mine at least once a week for no less than 2 hours a session. Sometimes a nephew will stop by and we'll play for a few hours as he tries to clean out my fridge of cold beer. Cheap bastage LOL

When I start getting darts falling out of the Bull, then it's time for a new one and I will then offer the board to a friend or other dart player that doesn't have one. Most times they will take it and set it up to practice on and don't really worry about the worn bullseye.
Get roughly a year out of my boards playing at most 8 hours a week.
My Blade 4 DC is about 1 1/2 years with at least 10 hours a week. It's blistered pretty good and the darts sink in up to the barrel. I just ordered a Blade 5
Usually get a couple of years out of a board, but there still tends to be life in them when I change them. Changing is usually because I feel I have got my use out of the board, it has that well used look so I want to experience a new board again! My old board I usually take down to the pub I play for and stick up on one of the old practice boards until it is well and truly toasted
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14 years, 3-4 hours of play each week, and counting...I wish it wouldn't last that long

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