Favorite Barney phase?
So, now that the Barney-Unicorn era has ended, it has left behind a few sets of darts that are considered iconic and/or classic. What would you consider your favorite Barney Unicorn phase? 

NOTE: It doesn't necessarily have to be a set that you own, it could also be a set of his that you've never had, but always had your eye on! Or maybe you just really liked it whenever you saw Barney use 'em on TV.
Phase 2A are beauties
[Image: JgVnja8.png]
Phase 2a Hybrid or Phase 5 Two Tone.

Just the sets that look the best for me.

Phase 1 is a great classic and is also great.
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

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I find the Phase 1,2 and 4's equally nice personally. Never tried the P3's but I'm usually not too fond of a shark grip. Least favorite are the P5's, just can't throw them well at all.
Phase none
(07-04-2017, 12:05 AM)Crusher17 Wrote: Phase none

Ooooooooooooh!! :o
Personally I love the Phase 1's but I've always had a soft-spot for the Phase 2a hybrid's, I feel like he was the most consistent with those. Smile
Only ever thrown the Phase 5s that i bought for my dad, always thought the phase 2s looked great though
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Was, is and always will be the WC 1's. Smile
(07-04-2017, 01:35 AM)Great White North Wrote: Was, is and always will be the WC 1's. Smile

Yup... Brad nailed it . With honourable mention to the Phase 5 two tone's in 2nd place.

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Phase 1. bar none.
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Phase 3 flies best for me.
Phase 1, 23 gr. Phase 2 and 3 are too heavy for me.
[Image: 4912264.png]
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Another vote for the WC 1

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Phase 5 22/21 gr and than Phase 1 21 gr , the rest is too heavy......
[Image: kI8ebGq.png]

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