my way for beginners part 8
hi,  i am back  again,  now its time for training  !!

the game  is  classified   in phase 1,2,3,4  

1. scoring.
2. scoring to  put away on a finnish .
3. put pressure on your opponent.
4. hit doubles .

1.  to train scores  i always play  501  there are many games  to train on scoring but if you play 501 against a player
or by yourself against dart computer you train scoring enough  .
2. on point two i always play  170  this game is all about  scoring and  finishing  you begin  on 170 points  and try to finnish
on a double , this way you train  scoring and  shot outs  example  :  you hit  60  than you leave  110  you can finnish with 3 darts
but you hit  45  so you leave  65  than you hit single bull  and  d20  you complete  the game and start at 170 again !!
3.  this  is  something  you train  in a   game   against   a real opponent   you put pressure  on your dart buddie
what i mean is  example:  your buddie is  on d16  and you are  on  140  you hit  a score of 100 and leave  40  now he is under pressure  to hit  d16  its  all about the  right (big)  scores  at the right time  you  can train  this by getting   in this  situation  again and again  !!
4. this is maybe the most  important part of the game  hitting doubles  !!!
here also are many games you could train  but by keeping it simple   go around the board  and start with double one 
when you hit it go for double two  ect.....  till d20  and  finnish with the bulls eye   you must count  how many darts you used
to finnish the game  !!  when you hit for instant  a single  1 when aiming on double one than thats one dart  you count .

so , thats about training  , keep it simple  !,  and if you like  more  training games  there is  a  forum full of  it !!!!

cheers nightcrawler  Big Grin Big Grin
Nice one! Smile
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Great help. I got your message but can't reply to it NC. Another way I can reply
Hi Ross, what do you mean ?
(11-01-2017, 09:58 AM)Ross Hunter Wrote: Great help. I got your message but can't reply to it NC. Another way I can reply

I believe you need 5 posts in order to reply to PM's - try logging out of the forum and then logging back on and you should be ok to send your reply
Good point on the double.
I tend to focus way too much on the treble
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Nice tips.
Loving This Guide!

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