Anyone got any other hobbies?
(01-12-2019, 11:46 PM)gumbo2176 Wrote: As mentioned in an earlier response, one of my hobbies is woodworking and another is cooking, so as a combination of the two, I built me a cold smoker over the last 2 days to be able to cold smoke sausage, pork bellies for bacon, salmon and anything else my mind can come up with.

I've been wanting to build one for a while now and since I had all the material lying around in the shop, I got busy with it. It is 4 ft. tall by 2 ft. wide and 15 inches deep. I put in bracing for 3 large wire shelves that I can lay the product on to smoke. For the smoke box I used an old 5 gallon propane tank that I cut a hole in the top of so the smoke can travel by a piece of metal pipe from a few feet away to the cold smoker. I also drilled several holes in the base of the old tank and cut an access door in the side so I can light my coals and lay my wood chips on top to produce the smoke for curing.

The object of a cold smoker is to cure and not cook the meat, so temperatures should not exceed 100 degrees F and preferably in the 80-90 degree F range for long term smoking. For instance, whole pork bellies will take between 12-15 hours to cure to be used for bacon.

That sounds interesting and delicious! I'd love to see some pictures gumbo.
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