World Darts Trophy 2017
Just check the youtube chat and about another 20 minutes or so they reckon
(05-29-2017, 07:34 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Seems like it's a large power cut in the area, not just the venue affected - they are waiting for some engineers from Western Power to fix the problem.  Can't see that being any time soon myself as it's a bank holiday.  Hope they get to play it soon - meanwhile I'm going to watch some more Big Bang Theory on E4+1 and E4 lol

(05-29-2017, 07:41 PM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: I'm watching a pretty dark version of Snow White!. definitely not one for the children its not like any fairy story I've ever seen

I am not watching anything rigth now but yesterday I noticed a dartboard in a new Fargo episode. No one played outhere either...
Still no men's final  Angry

Match Darts=Target Darryl Fitton,s® 22g

Back ups= Hmmmmm??? ®

 And..A few sets of spares .®   Rolleyes


I wouldn't be surprised if we're told that final was played without a TV coverage due to technical problems...
live on you tube bdo channel. Phillips 5-2 up at the mo..
Ok...I am not surprised.
Should have checked the youtube chat sooner...

Peter Machin takes it 10-8 - hit some great outshots there - well played that man
Good shooting Peter
Well done Machin!

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