Consistent inconsistency?
I agree watching what the good players do and comparing to yourself to see what you do that they don't, I also would recommend trying to get a rhythm into your throw if possible, because believe me it's the best thing having a rhythm, once you found the treble you don't miss much
I don't know about feinting throws, but I do a bit of a slight waggle. It allows me to feel the weight of the dart in my hand and the momentum shift from back to forward. The key to a smooth throw to me is a rhythm thing. It is a direction change into a smooth acceleration. It is a feel thing. If I start to consider the mechanics of my throw, it all goes to hell. I do consider a few things. I consider my grip. I know if the dart contacts one finger longer than the other it will go left or right accordingly. I consider my grip and adjust it during the waggle. I do not stop at the peak of the backstroke. I have heard so many knowledgeable people recommend a short pause before the forward stroke. For me, that screws the rhythm of my throw. I think the key to consistency is a motionless elbow. When I throw correctly, I can feel my elbow holding still. After the waggle I may or may not pause before the backstroke. At this point the only thing I consider is the target. I rely on feel to inform me what my arm has done. I then use feel to adjust my throw. I maintain focus on the target and feel the dart in.
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Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

Great points for all of us to keep in mind. Well done and thanks!
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Many good points in this discussion.  Seems some players have "naturally" good mechanics - while most of us have to work at it.  I feel most any throw can be improved, but I also agree one must be careful not to hamper the rhythm aspect.  In other words, you must make the toss your own, so you can rely on it without much thought.

For me, I often do a "pre-throw" check on the first dart - grip, stance, aim, etc.  If a good throw, the others come without much thought.  However, if the first is a clunker, I often "reset" to basics once again.

Thanks to all for the good points.  I have considered most of them at some time, but often thought I might be "over thinking" the issue.  Nice to know others are in the same boat  Shy
I'm definitely guilty of feinting the throw. Good points!
Didn't quite understand about standing at the oche.... could you describe ( and maybe show) how you stand?
(05-31-2017, 11:51 PM)Ed180 Wrote: Didn't quite understand about standing at the oche.... could you describe ( and maybe show) how you stand?

Sorry guys..... Rolleyes I missed some earlier posts on the same question too Blush when I refer to people standing 'square on' this means players whose feet are pretty much parallel to the oche. I see this often and as they throw they swivel their shoulders and whilst some can control the movement to a small degree its problematic from stage one. Especially if they are throwing lighter darts or throw hard as the shoulder/waist movement becomes very pronounced and accuracy goes out of the window. Developing a consistent throwing style means taking out as much upper torso movement as you possibly can. Being self-aware of this can often help correct a 'rough patch' in a match too.

Crucially this requires you to find a solid stance that you can maintain comfortably throughout your throw and that you stick to every time.

I've yet to see a player with this stance be that successful or win too many games.


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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

Can anyone give me the link for flights school please?

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Great advice ... I'll try
Quote:Do not perform several feints with the dart in hand (pretending to throw). This is by far the most common inconsistency I see and I'm amazed by the crazy reasoning behind this trait because there isn't any. Now I'm talking about those who believe that moving the wrist hand and forearm multiple times before releasing actually helps their consistency. Keep the dart still when aiming and subsequent throwing no damn twiddling with it. Ever seen an archer drawing the bowstring back and forth half a dozen times before shooting or standing square on to the target?

I'm having an impossible time throwing from a standstill. I feel like when I try to do that, I'm frozen in place for far too long (and am afraid what that might lead to) so I aim with my eyes, not the dart and do a little 1-2-throw, kind of like Kim Huybrechts or Leonard Gates (owner of my current favorite throw). Results vary, but it "feels" right.

Back when I used to play golf, I couldn't start my backswing from a dead standstill either...needed some sort of wrist action or even slight turn of the head to get going.

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