common throwing problems and how to fix them
A further followup to my change of throw, I'm finding that I really need to concentrate on all the points for every throw, seems like this will take longer than I thought, but I'm sticking at it now.

One thing I did notice because I'm taking so long per dart is that my final dart throw was different to the first 2 darts. The reason for this was I rushed my follow through to pickup the next dart, don't know if this has been discussed before but it's definitely the case. Now I have tried 2 ways to change this, take even more time and make sure the follow through is the same on all 3 darts, or pretend to go for a 4th dart, it's funny now I think about it, cause Mason mentioned it in commentary in the youth final, relating to Garvin's  3rd dart, and his advice was to pretend there was a 4th dart.

I would say the person who uses the first option of same follow through would be Daryl Gurney
180's - 28/5 - 2018
180's - 30/15 - 2019
Recently suggested to me by another forum member. you tuber darts coach , DYNAMITE DAVE

Some really good detailed perspective on playing darts. And he nails all the key questions people seeking help And advice have from beginner to intermediate ....

I just clicked onto to “aiming the dart”

There is a bit of filler in the videos at the beginning intros. But the man is doing a great service to dart players who enjoy the game and want to improve.

I am on my second video now, never finished first one but, I caught a bit of it, “heads and toes” it was titled, on going for tops and bottoms.

That couple minutes I took away a valuable trick To go for tops and bottoms, and I played one of my first real friendly competitive matches with a league player , 5-6 games , and my I managed to take out the game twice with tops. Then one game with a double ten

But if didn’t stop for a second and think, “i got this” I did I remembered of the video and I hit it 1st shot when it came around.....

Tons of info on YouTube, but this guy i am liking subscribing and turning on notifications ...

Also started playing online tablet games with my local buddy ....chalking scores ....I am finally getting the counting down, and slowly being taught the break down of the numbers to for with certain outshots. His mind works differently then mine, like a computer doing calculations. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to, do that kind of math in my head...for instance i was at 89....I would have come up, with my something to put set up, For tops. He suggested T19 then d16 uou
(04-21-2017, 11:22 PM)mcockrell Wrote: the difference between 40 ppt and 60 ppt could very well be something very slight. just a very minor adjustment that ties everything else together. these tips are mainly geared toward the intermediate player after youve fixed the major fundamental flaws that i discussed earlier. it is very important to identify and try to correct the major issues first or you probably wont see much results. i know ive said it a lot but it bears repeating: be honest with yourself about your flaws and your abilities. even though these quick fixes can and probably will improve any players game, dont take the shortcut and immediately start using these drills. take the time and effort to correctly diagnose the big stuff first because doing that not only may solve a lot of the issues that are listed here, but will make these tweaks even more effective.

also, this is the part of the list that will not apply to everyone and some of them are specific to certain types of throws. when they are specific to certain throws or certain grips i will point that out as best as i can. no matter what kind of throw you have you can always try these out and see if they help but i wouldnt put them in the same class as the fundamentals.

Point the Dart Tip UP When You Throw - a common mistake that i see a lot, especially with momentum and tempo players is that during their draw back the dart tip will be pointed either parallel to the floor or sometimes even pointed down. of all the flaws ive identified with my own throw this one keeps popping up from time to time. for me it was caused by my shifting the dart in my fingers during my draw back and "cuddling" the dart - for lack of a better term. i still find myself plagued by this monster from time to time so thats why it goes first. there are a lot of causes to this problem depending on your throw but the end result is almost always that you dont get a good wrist bend during your draw back. this caused my darts to usually be very low, which caused me to throw the dart harder, which caused me to miss to one side or the other, which caused me to curse and scream at myself. the fix is easy, just throw a couple of darts at the board and watch your dart instead of whatever you are aiming at. you should see the dart tip point at the ceiling at some point. this little tweak can be the difference between 60s and tons, or, in my case at least, it really helped me with numbers that i was really streaky at like 18, 15, 16, etc.

Dart Tip Not Pointed At Target When You Throw - this is another one that i feel totally stupid about in hindsight. i spent years trying to get some consistency when throwing at 20s. for a long time i would throw at 19 instead of 20 because i was just so bad at 20 and i couldnt figure it out. then i had a moment of clarity and at some point i lined up to throw and looked at where my dart tip was aimed at and sure enough it wasnt at 20. my arm was aimed at 20, but the tip was NOT. i have to constantly monitor this every time i make even small tweaks to my throw. usually you are either not lined up and aimed properly to begin with, or your grip and wrist arent lined up properly. the way that your body is shaped, mine anyway, everything naturally points to the left because im right handed and your wrist will only stretch so far. so the fix for me was to adjust my body and my arm to compensate for my wrist naturally pointing left. your causes may differ but the next time you throw line yourself and take a practice throw but it very, very, slowly and watch where the dart is aimed all throughout the throw. chances are you will be surprised to learn that you arent lined up and aiming properly either, but your brain has made adjustments to compensate for it, but a lot of times those adjustments cant be relied on which causes slight misses left, which is natural, or right, which is you trying extra hard to compensate. keep doing some slow practice throws until everything is aimed properly all through the throw from beginning to end and youll end up with a lot more 60s and tons instead of 26s and 11s.

Grip Too Tight or Too Loose - this seems so easy but its one of those things that your brain has a lot of control over. especially when your grip is too tight. your brain doesnt want you to loosen or it thinks you wont be able to throw it. this is hard to narrow down by what happens on the board because it could result in a lot of different issues. its something that youll just need to diagnose yourself by trial and error. gripping too tight is usually far worse than too loose. actually, in my opinion too loose is when you drop it on the floor. but usually it ends up with erratic darts, darts that hit below the board or dont even get close to the board, or if you feel like you are having to sling the tar out of it to get it to go anywhere you might be gripping too tightly. it takes a lot of discipline to diagnose and fix this but the drill i have people do is to line and go through your draw back then stop at end, the dart should have some play in it. someone should be able to smack the dart at the point and knock it out of your hand with very little force. for me personally, my sweet spot is that at end of my draw back the dart is basically just hanging in my fingers but yours may differ. also if you use a hand grip or something similar then this probably wont apply to you but if you use a lot of fingertip or have minimal contact between the dart and your hand then probably will apply to you.

Elbow Placement - this one is so easy but its so sneaky. its really just that a lot of times you start with your elbow either too high or too low. it happens a lot when you are switching from number to number or if youre like me you get lazy and as the night goes on the elbow gets lower and lower. in my opinion there are two schools of thought on this one. either keep your elbow at the same height for every number, which will require you to use different velocity depending on what section of the board you are throwing at, or use the same velocity with every shot and make adjustments to your elbow depending on the target. pick one and practice it and youll be fine. the problem comes when you try to do both.

Improper Body Alignment - this one a lot of times develops more out of habit than anything else. most of us start out not really caring much about mechanics because we want the dart to go where we want it to dammit. so in order to compensate for bad mechanics we align ourselves during our set up improperly. for some people its shoulders/arm and others its standing too far to either side of the board. in just about every case its just habit. especially if you practice a lot at home. where you are "supposed" to stand will become like second nature to you. but when you go somewhere else and you start missing a lot, check your alignment. its a good idea to have some identifier that is independent of location to help guide you. what helped me was using the board as an alignment guide instead of using the marks i made on my garage floor hahaah. seriously though, it usually starts at the bottom so make sure your foot is set properly by lining it up with both the oche and something on the board, then line your shoulders up, then elbow, then wrist. just like in one of the former sections, its important to stop and do the same routine before each shot and one of those things is making sure you are lined up right. you dont have to stop and do this forever, just change your habit from lining yourself up with something familiar to lining yourself up with something that will always be static, like the board or another body part.

ok there are a few more that i wanted to do but ill have to come back to them because its time to go play darts!

thanks to all of you who read through all my rambling, i really appreciate it and there will be more to come in the next few days.


I wish i would have seen these posts sooner, lol.   I started throwing nearly 3 nears ago and average around 48ppr.  Being 55, i have a lot of catching up to do. I  used to slide around the oche depending on where i was aiming.  Now im stationary.  Im right handed and stand right of center of the board.  Shooting D16 is comfortable, as is T20 from my position.  But how would i adjust to shoot the right side of the board?   Twisting at the waist is uncomfortable as I am holding all the tension in my body, while still trying to aim.  Also the issue of parallax is more pronounced.    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I am not sure if this has been discussed.

This is the second time now in 8 months I have run into this issue I am having.

WhaT happens is, within a 2-3 week  period of heavy lifting at work and lot of repition lifting , developing muscles in arms after having a slow period for work for a couple months. After a physically demanding strenous week and half of solid work out of the 2-3 weeks, and very little darts practice due to being to tired.

By the time I am caught up on sleep and not exhausted and in pain, my arm muscles are all noticeably bigger lol. 

Now this being the second time, I find it no coincidence. I had been peaking up until this last stretch of 5-7 days , and now I have lost my throw , my arms are bumpin and raising and pushing to sides due to new developed muscles.  Throwing off my balance that I had before while I was just healthy and toned during my slow season.

I went to throw last night and my darts weren’t flying straight, I could see them doing off kilter  twists in the air and landing in the board at all angles , left and right mostly

Today , I figured last night was just a bad night. But i Tested about 7 sets, 5 of which I have balanced perfectly over the last few months and was extremely consistent .

Thinking it could have been my two new barrels I ordered. And hoping not,

I tested my consistent arrows out, and same results. It arrows were wobbling and landing crooked...never had this issue, I could always throw straight, and it just took a bit of warm up to get warmed up .


Anyone notice an ongoing chance in game play after developing new muscles in throwing arm ?

It makes sense as to why my throwing is beign affected as i have changed the physical attributes of my arm.

I’m hoping I just need to re train and correlate my new strength between my darts weight and flight path and my brain now , to try and compensate for the changes .

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