common throwing problems and how to fix them
Pointing the dart upwards definatly help alot and quite wasy to get used to.
Great tips. New guy here and like the site already. Is there a place to upload videos. Don't know if would help you identify the problems of someone's game or not.
Great posts,

Read it carefully and most of the issues I corrected, few of them are still to be sorted out, it's good to have this post sticky so people can come back and re-read what they might be wrong.
Thank you very much for taking time to write this down.
Excellent insight about the mechanics of darts. Of course, this now means I have a bunch more aspects to over analyze
This seems like some good stuff, right now I'm in a place where I am thinking a lot about every aspect of my throw, and because of that I've regressed a bit from when I was just doing everything instinctively. My biggest problem is probably elbow placement. It's difficult for me to keep the elbow in the same place every time, especially on lower numbers. I guess I will try to be more conscious and as you say maybe focus on the velocity and keep the elbow in the same place or move it and keep the same velocity.
I feel like I should read this before every practice. Excellent article....Thank You
Nice article! Gives me plenty to work on during practice
Tnx, great tips. For me as i am a absolute rookie this is giving me great tips on how to learn to create a consistence motion and trow.
Great pointers, will take them into practice. Thanks for the advice!
(05-05-2017, 06:54 PM)Dazza1980 Wrote: Hi all I really don't mean to sound stupid but I noticed that I throw my darts quite hard because I find it difficult maintaining the same arch every single throw so I thought if I throw the quite hard there's less time for them to via away from the target. Is this the wrong thing to be doing?

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I heard MvG say EXACTLY this the other day. He throws them hard as it gives them less time to deviate. To a degree it is whatever works for you however you have to get the mechanics right to give yourself the best chance

Darts are custom made 19g, made for me by David at Double Dee Darts. Great bloke, highly recommended.

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