Short Stem vs. Long Stem
Big area here , I did as most are saying here and grabbed me a Harrosw kit with stems from tiny to long and 5 different styles of flights and spent weeks at every practice trying a multitude of combinations , some combo's worked excellently right away and were terrible the next day ??? dont ask me why ,  over and over for hours I tried .

Long story short I found the medium stems ( 45mm long ) and standard flights work best on my Puma 24gms   ( I did try small flights and liked the flight path but the darts hit the board at about 45 degrees tail up , a pain ) , the dart flies straight and hits the board at about 10 degrees tail up in the board  , but with my Formula 22gms a short ( 37mm) stem and standard flights fly the same as my Puma's  ( small flights and medium flights here made the darts fish tail )  ,, took a while but I am happy as I can hit most things on a good night with either darts .

It depends on my mood , tiredness etc. on what dart I use on any given day .

PS. I am a mid gripper  .

Photo shows a random throw just now showing the dart angle in the board , they are also nice and square to the board looking down , I am very happy with these Puma's they fly really nice now after hours and hours of tuning , you will get there with patience  .

Hope this helps .

Beanerds .

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This is a challenging issue that each person must workout for themselves, the darts, the grip and your throw all impact and affect how your darts will fly. For me my tendency is medium (41-45mm) shafts, and standard flights. I recently threw a set of Phil Taylor Gen 3 (short shaft small flights) and they were erratic then I swapped in standard flights and the dart seemed much more controllable. I am contemplating purchasing these darts and if I do I will also buy longer shafts and standards flights. Both combined should allow me to throw these darts with more consistency. Scientifically speaking the longer shaft and larger flights should have a greater effect on your throw but it really depends on how you throw if you already throw a pretty straight dart then it should help it be even more stable but if you tend to throw a dart with a natural "curve" then the long shafts and standards flights could prevent the dart from flying like your used to and cause your consistency and accuracy to suffer. Bottom line is experimentation, lots of it and I agree with others what works for one set of darts isn't necessarily going to work for another even if the same person is throwing them. Isn't that part of the fun though? It is for me!
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Seems to me there are two basic considerations here. The first are the physical characteristics of a given set up: balance and aero properties that affect flight. The shaft and flight work together to stabilize the barrel. The second is the flight result a given set up produces when used with a given individual style of throw. On the physical side, a heavier/more rear balanced barrel will require more stabilization, while a lighter/more front balanced barrel will require less stabilization for consistent, straighter flight. This stabilization can be increased with a longer shaft and/or larger flight, or decreased with a shorter shaft and/or smaller flight (total area of flight surface). Shaft/flight weight also affects front/rear weight bias, and thus stability. Beyond these properties, we arrive at how a given set up reacts to a particular throw, and preferences regarding the trade offs between stability and the varies levels of possible target obstruction, and other considerations, which occur with longer vs shorter shafts, and smaller vs larger flights. Of course, individual style of throw can product a different effect on flight to what a given set up is expected to produce based on physical properties alone. In my case, the decreased stability that would be expected from a short shaft/small flight/more rear balanced set up is exacerbated if the flight grazes my hand on release-a too short shaft with a wider standard flight set up does not provide the hand clearance I need for a clean release. A player who has the consistency and mechanics to stabilize a short shaft/small flight may find an advantage in decreased target obstruction for double/treble shots. A second player may find that his strike angle produces less obstruction while attaining good stabilization using a longer shaft/smaller flight set up. Factors like these determine what set up will work best for a given player with his current style of throw, and require experimentation to discover. Other factors, such as barrel shape and grip/texture, combine with individual factors to influence accuracy accuracy and performance as well, but are barrel, not stem/flight considerations. I see this process as interesting and's what keeps us supporting the huge variety of dart set up and design advancements available on todays' market. Smile
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There are just soooo many different ways to set up the same Dart set, not to mention ALL of the other Dart sets, and how they can be set up. It is truly up to each individual and how they prefer their Darts to fly. I personally like medium shafts on a 48-50mm barrel, but that's me and is also subject to change...LOL .

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I was quite surprised that 1/4" made the difference that it did. This was just from swapping the shafts that came with two set I have. Looking forward to my Pro Stem kit to arrive. Have all 5 sizes coming to make a tuning kit. Then will reorder a qty
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That is exactly why I have 2 whole compartment boxes full of flights and stems, medium, tweenie and short with standard, pear and kite flights all set up.
That way I can switch quickly to try different set ups with my latest ( though very very rare LOL ) arrivals.
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Everyone releases a dart differently. And how the dart wobbles through the air, it is corrected by the flights and stems. Depending on the oscillation, determines the actual setup that will suit a particular player. I don't believe there is hard and fast rules that x shaft or flight will give x result. It all depends on the release and level of oscillation correction, and degree of correction. A throw and setup is like a fingerprint.
I originally switched to short stems because I throw from the eye best. Reducing the overall length of the dart means I can draw back further. Kite flights give a faster more direct flight path if you release at the right point.
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