And the WINNER is.......
(04-01-2017, 08:39 PM)hamo Wrote: I call fix...I didn't win Lol

Well done Joeri.and to VOKS..I can testify it's a great experience and a great team to work with

Excellent job Joeri!!
Current Setup: 22g Reddragon Dragonflys
From Ontario, Canada
Best game: 11 darts
Instagram: @weswrestle10 
Congrats Joeri!!!! Very Happy for you, enjoy your new custom Voks Darts!!!!!
Many congratulations Joeri, exciting times for you. Good to see another Nutz winning the competition Smile
[Image: PelXyih.png]
Darts Setup: 23g DPC Extreme Performance, Black Target Pro Grip Stems, Target Vision 100 Standard Flights, 35mm Gold CD Mk3 Points
Previous Darts Setup: 23g DPC Gun Metal Elite, Medium Black Target Pro Grip Stems, Standard Black V180 Flights, 30mm Black Grooved Storm Points

Thanks again all Big Grin

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