Target's new releases..
(04-19-2017, 11:37 AM)Daniel Smith Wrote: Peter Wrights wife has all but confirmed he is joining Target in July. 

She just posted the same picture Target shared a month or so back and even tagged the Target MD in the post. 

Wonder how long it will take for his Target darts to be released. Would expect anything until November time  Undecided
His new darts will be released Sept 1st, Sept. 24th, Oct. 15th, and Nov. 30th Smile
Hm. If it is him, I'd be intrigued. Might he be tempted to stick to one set?!

Nah. I'm just being hopeful. Besides, Target know more darts = more money... Tongue
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"And the devil did grin; for his darling sin is pride that apes humility." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Just got back into the game. Trying to decide what works for me after a while out!

High checkout: 124 (T20, T14, D11, steeltip)
Best 501 leg: 20 darts
Tongue Tongue i think they just rename their whole portfolio to "Peter Wright xzy"-Dart.
Beginner.  Blush
My little darts collection

180th: 14x
Highfinishes: 118 (20 T20 D19), 112 (T20 12 D20), 108 (T20 16 D16), 102 (T20 10 D16), 110 (T19 17 D18), 101 (T17 B)
The leg of my life: 12 Darts (T20 T20 T20 20 ( :s no 9darter Angel ) T20 20 20 T20 T20 T20 5 D8) 


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