My find of Bristow Durro Knurled
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Durro never made knurled Bristow's. What you have there is a set of Harrows Crafty Cockney 80% darts in a Durro wallet. Unfortunately ebay is chock full of misrepresentations of darts sets. I hope you didn't pay too much.
I have come to the conclusion long ago that you cannot, and I mean absolutely cannot, trust the case to match the darts, on ebay or in any other non-brand-new situation. I have a set that I swore for years were Bottelsens because they were sold in a Bottelsen case. Turns out they might have been a "King Cobra" model (made by whom I do not know). Darts travel from case to case to case during their lifespans. As for ebay being a trustworthy source of darts info? Rambo is spot on. Ebay sellers misrepresent their darts frequently, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

Still love ebay tho Smile
Case in point:

This seller is claiming these Dorwin darts are Unicorn darts, based on the box.  You CANNOT trust ebay for accurate informations!

Only available to view for active members with 5 or more posts click register to join Smile
They are definitely made by Harrows as I worked for them in the 80'sand 90's

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