My interview with 3x World Champion: John Part
Very nicely done!! 

+1  Big Grin Big Grin
Great interview enjoyed reading it. Now I'm going to u tube to watch him and Phil battle it out. Haven't seen it should be good match.

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John is a treasure to the dart world . His integrity is  without question and knowledge a breath of fresh air.
 As a Canadian he brought World Champion darts to another continent ,which at the time was an awesome accomplishment . I remember sitting with John talking about his 1994 Victory at Lakeside shortly after the fact and he expressed his disappointed with the inept Canadian media coverage. We both agreed that his incredible accomplishment went virtually unnoticed in the Canadian media.
I played in a few Totonto / Scarborough pub leagues at the same time as John in the 1990's . He was just one of the guys . Even enjoyed him kicking my butt a few Saturday afternoons enjoying some friendly matches at Col Mustards in Markham Ont. His love of the game is without question ,and I'm truly priveledge to have shared the oche,a few beverages and a few laughs and good conversation with him in his early years . ( At least he didn't try and steal my money at cards like my teammate Doug Scanlan (RIP) did ... Smile.

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(03-20-2017, 08:48 PM)Phenohyte Wrote:
(03-20-2017, 06:59 PM)bkbum Wrote:
(03-20-2017, 04:09 PM)Phenohyte Wrote: Great interview, even though his opinion that the former legends should be invited to the World Championships is quite controversial to put it mildly.

He didn't say former legends, he said former World Champions. I think its a great idea.

Do you think it would be PDC world champions only or would it include the pre-split BDO champs as Bristow, Lowe, Bob Anderson? etc.?
Anyway, I'd watch a tournament with the old guard every day, but the World Championship is about the current best players, and the ones who make effort all year shouldn't be deprived of the opportunity.

I think it should  include both PDC and BDO champs (and I think that's what Part meant), but whether or not the PDC would see it that way is another question.
Great interview +1 from me Smile
Very nice interview, JP is a true gent of the oche
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Grear interview with a true legend. I hope he stays with interviewing matches as you always pick up good tips from him.
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