One80 Dartboard Questions
Hope Its ok to post a Q here.
Dartboard Accessory - One80 - Patented - Rotafix - Dartboard Holder - Black . Has anyone tryed this System. If it is wearing out on the plastic tips and If it is worth wile.
review here:
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I'm in the process of getting a Sword Edge Cutlass from a fellow Nutter here. The One80 website is not particularly deep with info. What's so special about it's type of Tungsten, the star ratings from users....anything written by them too?
(03-23-2015, 01:31 PM)Getagrip Wrote: review here:

Thank you for the link and the great Review Darren. I did use the search, just not looking Close enough. +1 to the grip.
Hello One80 Darts,

I have a question. I had an email thread with the One80 asking how to check if my board is original, and the respons was that according to picture I've sent it is original but there seems to be some issues with the printing. I don't see any issues but I didn't receive any explanation what is the issue, even when I asked for explanation. Thank you very much for the explanation.

I received an email yesterday from One80 saying that they will replace my dartboar, they asked for my address and phone number. I was very surprised with this. Thank you very much One80 +1 for the customer service.


P.S. I hope it will arrive soon Smile

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