RELAX Your Throwing Style
Just wanted to say thanks! This post has helped me more than it should've Big Grin
This is something I am working on but it also leads me to overthink it at times aswell I feel.
May need to experiment with the newly legal cannabis to gain the edge...
Good idea and very.much makes sense.
Takes me at least 2 games to relax and by then it's too late ha !

Played in my first proper comp a few Weeks ago (50 players in mens singles ) , nervous wreck , but eventually relaxed after 2 matches , finished the day won 5/10 matches.
Gotta work on my finish though.
Here I must comment. Use your all routines for your throw. No matter how silly it is. My style is awesome in my opinion. Everyone is different. It's hard to find similar styles. Darts is art of styles also.
After reading this thread a few minutes ago I picked up my darts and began throwing as relaxed as possible. First a few rounds to the bull, without hitting it. Then to the 20's. Hit the big 1 3x, followed by 100, 83, 24 and 108 (3xT12). I was aiming for the 20 first, but I just felt the other darts had to follow.
(12-22-2018, 07:12 PM)jt4527 Wrote:
(12-22-2018, 05:50 PM)toeirzt Wrote: Hi all!  Cool

I am Ronny and I started playing darts in 1984.

I play with 23 gr 97% tungsten Harrows since 1990 (send an email to Harrows for the name of the darts - they are similar to the Magnum darts, but older).

Hi Ronny, you must be pleased with how with Dimitri is playing! Welcome to the forums Smile

I sure am, JT. He is doing very well indeed! Smile
Good thread, learned a couple of things as I was the opposite of a relax aim/follow through.

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