RELAX Your Throwing Style
Hi Dartbuggy,

You've captured what I meant would be great if we could let the mind go into a kind of autopilot...I think it's a left brain / right brain conundrum.

At a match last night I was quite relaxed and playing ok and I found myself left with 158 left and as I approached The oche I sort of said to myself ....ok 2x T18's and bull and then cleared out all thoughts.

The first 2 sailed in effortlessly then I realised what had happened slowed down, focused etc...and got a 25 instead....and I felt like ....if only?

Last season I had an almost identical situation but with 157 to win but was totally chilled out on that occasion and got T19:T20 and without sort of thinking or really concentrating I hit the D20 perfectly centred. Funny thing too I wasn't really that excited afterwards, weird ain't it?

So there's definitely something in the nonchalance the super stars show when they play the secret is how to turn it on.

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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

In case you have missed this great post.
I find this very difficult. It's easy to say "relax" but its a lot harder to do it, especially when you start off by playing poorly compared to your own usual standard. I do find technical thoughts starting to creep in and it rarely if ever helps but I haven't found a great way to combat it yet without wishing to turn to the booze!
Sometimes having a buddy there to talk to can help too
really great post.

some time I try to do the opposite Smile I try to use darts to relax and not to relax and play darts , I fixed a dartboard in bedroom to try to relax and train when I'm not going to do it outside the home (the other is dartobard just outside the door Big Grin) . same thing I do with the bike , use a home trainer is bad weather or when I have little time . in any case the best things often take place with the nerves drains , is to be the best contracting less muscles .
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Nice wall Smile
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I have the same issue here. The more I think about my mechanics I can't get the darts where I want them or at least near the targeted spot. What frustrates me is the fact that when I throw correctly I try to repeat that throw and I can't always do that. Then I go down the hill and my darts flying all over the board. +1 Dorian, I will try this technique you suggested and see if ti works for me.
Great post!

And it´s so true. The more relaxed my throw is the better and consistent I play. But. My problem is many times nerves and I really want to play good. I dont let i happend, I´m trying to force it. And I also tend to "stress" and I dont notice it myself, only when its´s to late and I´ve had a couple of bad turns. Then I calm myself down and play better and relaxed again. Until I get carried away again.
So I need to help myself notice when I´m gettin stressed and come back to my relaxed me....
I´m trying to get a few good breths before I step up to the oche, but when the game is on, I get carried away sometimes Wink

But when I´m in the zone and relaxed, uhh what a felling Big Grin

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Torn between loving and hating the game......

Helpfull stuff, thanks!
Good post. It is true that its hard to keep the right mindset throughout a game especially if you start to play better than normal. I think one just need to keep it a habit (being in that mindset) and get used to scoring better Smile I actually played some good darts when I had a cold, just because I didn't really care about it / didn't expect to win and it helped me relax my throw (and then you do win Smile.

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